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The Accidental Fry

Okay, this isnít betta-related, but being labyrinth fish and bubble-nesters I thought their care might be similar. These are my first fry, so I know they probably wonít survive, but Iíd like to give at least a couple of them a go.

Recently I got given a pair of Gold Gourami from my older brother. They went into a half-filled Sterilite tub with a peat-based substrate, some floating water sprite and a few IAL. This was temporary until their custom built tank was finished.

These two fish were so skittish they would slam into the side of the tub if I so much as stood up. They were also quite aggressive with each other, and after noticing that one had a couple of nasty tears in its fins, I separated it into another tank and left the other where it was.

In the meantime there was this film of bubbles on the surface of the water in the Sterilite tub, and thinking it was condensation from the lid being on, I just did a quick water change and then went onto changing out my other tanks.

Yesterday, I came home from the LFS to see at least 200 fry swimming about. They are everywhere and I have no idea how Iím going to change the water. The tub isnít set up for a spawning tank, and I canít remove whatever Gourami is in there until my tank is ready. However, Iím worried that the ammonia is building up but equally worried if I try to use my siphon Iím going to inadvertently suck some up.

So here are a few questions:

What do I feed the fry? I can get frozen BBS and daphnia, as well as live mosquito larvae, bloodworms, and frozen brine and mysis shrimp for when theyíre bigger. Would there be anything to eat on my live plants/in the peat mulm in my substrate?

How do I do water changes? I think the low pH will mean ammonia is not so harmful, but thereís no filter in there and thereís only about 25 litres of water. The fry are swimming around now so I canít even gently siphon around them. Plus Iím afraid that adding new water might shock them. For my Killifish I have been boiling up some peat moss and extracting the water from that to mix with my tap water. Would this work for my fry?

Finally, do bettas eat Gourami fry? I was thinking of netting a big bunch and giving them to my bettas/killifish to eat. Thereís no way I would be able to offload so many Gouramis if they miraculously do survive. Part of me deliberated in just throwing a few of my female bettas in there and letting them do some culling for me.
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My friend occasionally borrows my betta to eat guppy fry. If a gourami fry size is similar to a guppy fry, your females might eat them.
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Old 04-09-2011, 05:38 PM   #3 
Reference Team
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I tried giving some to my Killifish but my suspicions are that somewhere in that tank there are now Gourami fry lurking Of all my fish to breed it had to be Gouramis. Not my pair of Bettas Rutilans, or my Killifish. I didn't even want the Gouramis in the first place and now they're taking up the tank I was going to use for my Betta Unimaculatas.

Looks like I will now officially have no life outside of fish and work.
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Awwe, dont be mad!
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I would post your questions in the anabantoid section of TropicalFishKeeping. Maybe someone there can help you.
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Old 04-09-2011, 08:46 PM   #6 
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Bettas and gouramis are really similar so I'd just feed them small live food (BBS is the best). Focus on adding water, not changing it.
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Old 04-09-2011, 09:14 PM   #7 
Reference Team
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Location: Victoria, Australia
Thanks. My brother's girlfriend is giving me some BBS to feed them with. I took out about 25% of the water before since the ammonia was sitting at 2ppm - though the pH is ≥6. I was more concerned for my male Gourami's safety rather than the fry since I figured their survival rate is all rather average at this point.

Luckily none were sucked up by my siphon and the huge group of them is still swimming around fine. I chucked in a big wad of pre-boiled peat moss to keep the pH low and they are picking through that.

So far my male seems to be paying no attention to the fry. However, he won't hand-feed because he is still very shy. I didn't want to try live mosquito larvae because I'm not sure if they would hurt the fry and dropping in bloodworms he won't eat is pointless. Oh well, not like he will starve in there.

Thanks for the help. If any live, I will take some photos of them. Hopefully they will be tamer than the parents.
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If he gets hungry he will eat. More then likely it will be when your not around. Have you fed the fry any First bites? There a good subsitute when you cant any live foods.
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