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Originally Posted by metalbetta View Post
One of my fish lays like that when he's resting, but when he perks back up he goes right back to normal...
I was glad to hear someone else has a fish that likes to rest like that. I have a young betta and is almost full grown and he started doing that a few wks ago. I've been trying to figure out if its an illness....maybe it's not! I'm doing a epsom salt treatment now and will possibly do something Thunderloon suggested...if curious, look for my post under Diseases "Water changing,popping out eye/Pelvic fin". His eyes are doing better.

And Thunderloon....that is really cool that you saved this guy. I tend not to walk near the Betta's at Walmart, as I may try to rescue one. I have a 4 yr old and one Betta and that's really enough for me!
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Some betta do like to lay over when they're exhausted.

So tonight I caught him acting like a betta instead of an invalid.

(no need to click pics, not any better blown up)
Was time for a breath and I had the camera settings right. He's done one flop since then and has now found a way to sit up and look out the back of the 4-way.
You can see he's starting to get color on his body.

Eating normal for his weight, which is kinda scary. Three new poops since I brought him home and he's now 30 hours a pet. Girls still wander past him to tease him. Next feeding time I'll take a little video of them begging. He's getting energy back, just looked over and he took another swim, standing on his tail now.

Tank now has 60%d Kanamycin, 70%d Neomycin and 100%d Metronidazole. Hardness is 60ppm and dropping, pH 7.3 and dropping with the hardness. Temp is back down to 77 from 81 and nitrates are at normal growth rate. Java ferns don't seem to like PolyGuard so I'm avoiding using it.

I'll probably photo-tour the girls tank this week with explanations behind why I use what I use and how it's laid out.

Interesting tidbit. Kanamycin is the antibiotic product of bacteria that mutated from the bacteria which produce Neomycin. Neo is a big complex molecule that can't readily penetrate digestion and is even fairly safe around high sensitivity tissues but Kana will penetrate even your toenails. Since I'm actually allergic to Neomycin I have to be careful with the Kanamycin in the water in case my body learns it is related.

Neomycin allergy commonly takes the form of inflamed/red tissue and in stronger cases will result in what looks like the results of second degree burns. It causes the immune system to attack the skin and tissue it is on. If you use neosporin and get a rash, that's likely what it is (if its not white petroleum jelly allergy).
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Sounds like hes doing good, but i wouldnt leave food in there more then 2-3 minutes if he doesnt eat it then remove it and offer again later it will foul the water up if left too long. good luck and keep coming with the pics ;)
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Most of what you see on the bottom is micro bubbles in the tank... and with two large bio-wheels on the end of a C-220 I'm not worried about the flakes and micropellets I leave in fouling. He's in a 4-way breeder basket that has ventilated ends, I just wash uneaten food along the bottom and it drops out.
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Flop passed at 8:50 sunday evening.
Post mort. indicates his body had gone too far down the malnutrition road for saving. He passed in a relaxed sleep state, possibly simply from not waking up for air. I've seen this happen a time or two in store cups.

I didn't get a picture of him as it happened but his health had improved a great deal, the probable mode of his passing was atrophy of kidney, a common issue in such circumstances with all animals.
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Poor thing... Sometimes they're just too far gone to save. It's a sad truth. Well, at least he was able to enjoy his last few days, huh? Rest in Peace, Flop.
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