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Nice story!
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GREAT story! I just wanted to keep on reading lol. But what happened to Churro? Was he rescued or is that the end of the story?
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My plan was to show how he got rescued after a long time... but I mean, he went through so much from where I left off to when I finally took him home. Like, there was still a years time left! and I was really busy and didn't have time to write all that, so I kinda just left it off there... Sorry I left you guys hanging but I'm so glad you liked the story!
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I thought I might as well let you guys know how the story ends, from my point of view however:

Anyways, our school put together an auction to buy furniture and home items (for a fundraiser), stupidly, a few of the items were decorative betta bowls, and a teacher at our school bought Churro, his blue betta friend, and the red betta, and put them each in the separate 10 gallon community tanks he had in his classroom... They didn't get taken very good care of, and then during the summer break they never got a water change. When I came back on the first day of school, the red betta was by itself in a clean 10 gallon, that tank had the only working filter. The blue betta was in an absolutely filthy tank that was 100% covered in algae. Churro was in a pretty dirty tank with the only surviving goldfish (the others died over the summer). Then me and my friends cleaned the blue bettas tank since it was the worst, them some other students were going to clean the tank Churro and the goldfish were in, but they only had time to change half the water, so then there was five gallons left and the tank got so dirty, and then guys in my class were throwing their lunch food in there, making it even more dirty, and also both the fish got so bloated. Anyways, I was the first one who offered to take a betta home and I took Churro and kept him in a 2 gallon, I'm moving him to a planted 10 gallon soon hopefully. He's mostly healthy, but has permanent gill damage from being in such dirty water. After awhile, one of my friends took home the blue betta, but he never ate, so sadly, he died awhile ago. We moved the goldfish into the clean tank with the red betta however, the red betta froze to death over Christmas break and the goldfish barely survived. The teacher gave away the goldfish to another student who I don't know... so I'm not sure how it's doing now..

Hope that answers your questions... I think it's sad though, how much people mistreat bettas I hope this story can motivate other people to take good care of their pet fish and give them the best life possible.
so that wraps it up, I guess!

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Neil D
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More!!!!! Where is everything? Post more!!!!! I mean, post more.... Please....:)
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