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Newbie Not Eating

Hello everyone! I got 3 new fish two weeks ago and one is a bit under the weather. I have a 10 gallon separated into 4 sections with a heater and filter going. Each fish has a large leafy plant to hide in when he wants. Two of the new ones, and an older one who spent a good chunk of life in a Betta Block -shudder-, have been GREAT! They're little pigs and swim right over to me when it's time to eat. They do a cute lil wiggle when it's food time also, goobers. However one of my guys, Dillinger, hasn't eaten a bite since I got him. It's going to be 2 weeks on Saturday. I know it's common for them not to eat the first week but I'm worried now. I moved him on the end and gave him the biggest plant and still nothing. He'll swim right up to me like the others and then sink back down and sulk in a corner. Next to him, Bo from the block, is very non aggressive and leaves him alone. I've moved him to a 1 gallon for now for fear of something spreading to the others. I did catch him laying straight up and down head up against the plant and he'll lay down on the gravel almost horizontal, just his head up. The tank is around 76-78 so he's not cold. I even tried giving him a few flakes of normal food in an attempt to get something in him.
I've given hikari, Betta block food, dried blood worms, dried daphnia, and something else dried that came in a treat wheel. Nothing. =\ I do have frozen blood worms I could try if anyone thinks it might help.
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Just heard a tip on my thread that you could try a tiny piece of a pea and see if he'll eat that. Should start things up nicely.
Frozen bloodworms wouldn't be a bad try, either.

Also, if you can, boost the temp up a few degrees. 80'-82' is usually good. They're tropical fish, and summer's coming, so as the Earth goes 'round the hotter temps are probably preferred.

Sorry if I sound weird. I don't usually talk like this and I think my own room is a bit too hot for me. |D'
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He's still not eating. I've tried pea, hikari, betta block food, frozen and dried bloodworms... I even tried tossing one of my frog's feeder guppies in the tank out of desperation. He kinda responded to that but would only watch it go around. He just sits there, sometimes completely vertical with his head straight up. I caught him like this against the glass today and thought he was dead. Nothing I do is working on this fish! I did a water change as usual, let him wait a bit, and still nothing. He's a nice big fish so he had to eat SOMETHING before!!!
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