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Originally Posted by Arashi Takamine View Post
XD Reminds me of what Aki did today. He was chewing one of the bamboo leafs in his tank. Maka...Has been doing the wiggle dance at herself. She's fought the glass just as badly as when she was floating in the cup trying to break it.

Also: Your local petstores sound awesome~! I wish you luck with getting your girl BlakbirdXGyarados!
Thanks for the luck!~ My pet store usuallly has some amazing bettas... I saw a shining blue gorgeous full Super Delta.... I fought not to get him and a wild-type-looking HMPK... omggg.... I should post pictures of them sometime. 8D

Originally Posted by Littlebittyfish View Post
I almost did the same thing last night while looking at the petco and petsmart website...
But then it wouldn't let me without having an I tried to use my pals care and my petsmart card login thing but it wouldn't let me...oh well..
Yeah, I had to log in too. |D
I only had an account with Petco because I ordered stuff from them and when I wanted to check on my order status, I didn't want to type a bunch of random long letters and numbers (aka my order number, lul), so... yeah, I just signed up. xD'

Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
>:3 cause i'm cheap. and used to getting all my bettas at veil price. >3> i <3 Pet Lover's. they sell me CTs at Veil price, and sometimes i can get a delta at veil price. *beams at Ichi* my Delta/Super Delta. <3

o3o turns out, King Steve(the CT), is psycho. :d he hates one of his plants, and flares and bites it. ._____o
((Why did Luimeril's quote go last? >__> ))

Hey, cheap means more money to spend on your bettas! =D

And SilverSand (I know he's a gourami, but I treat him exactly like a betta :P) was spazzing just a minute ago. He'd twitch while staring at me... *twitch twitch* ... then speed-swim in circles, leap out of the water, go to the bottom... go to the top and breathe some air, flare at Jade (thus why I treat him like a betta, lol) act like he's on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds or something... and now he's sitting on the bottom sleeping. o__o
Silv's a spaz anyway, what with him being a timid species, but geez, he really flipped out this time.
I half wonder if he has parasites or something. >___>
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