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Old 04-10-2011, 06:41 AM   #21 
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Bettasforever - you should have seen the poop my betta made this AM - it took two days for that ginormous pea to get thru his system, and boy did it clean him out.

Tutrtle10 - You were the one being snippy even raising the issue. Like I said before, the whole purpose of this forum is to talk about their bettas, not worry about the dates of threads, or people's perceived violation of forum etiquette.
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IMO, I think NewtonBetta has a right to share something on this thread, old or not. It's better than clogging the forum with posts when there is already a topic that the post should go in.
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know what?

Putting information where it goes is IMPORTANT.
So finding an old thread and commenting in it is USEFUL vs spreading bits around like a cat-fight in a chicken coop.

So, as to the original post, betta will freak out but survive food getting jammed in their maw... its not really a worry. The pellet or whatever will soften and dissolve away and they'll be able to swallow. This is why soaking pellets before hand or using as small of pellets as they can eat is advisable.

If they DO go unconscious you can use a pair of tweezers to open their mouth and a dropper or pin, etc to clear the food. Using a pin to clear it use a tiny circular motion. As to resuscitation of a betta... I'm not sure but I think a sudden poof of air from a dropper into their mouth that makes their gills fluff can trigger the labyrinth gulp, I assume this is a delicate poof.
I've heard just slapping them back into the water with an 8 inch drop works well too.
Not the kind of stories you hear often.

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This thread is only a little over 2 months old. If you were posting a bunch of nothing that didn't have any relaevance then it would be bad ettiquette. :)
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