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I will bring the non dairy ice-cream, party time!
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Im confused! What other thread? I want to read it!
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Originally Posted by Emmalea View Post
I will bring the non dairy ice-cream, party time!
+1 On the non-dairy!
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All I have is animal crackers.
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I love animal crackers! Especially the ones that come in the red box with the circus animals and the little white string handle they give you to carry it.
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its about 30 pages long!! it's in the breeding area somewhere.
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Originally Posted by turtle10 View Post
This is why people get mad. You say you will be patient, but there you go and be totally inpatient. You can't just "guess" it is a good sign, you need to know it is. She could end up dead. I really think you should take a step back and focus on keeping PETS right now. Not making babies. You didn't even wait that long.

Just my thoughts.
Actually I disagree. Sometimes you have to make decisions on the fly on what you feel is best at the time. If the OP felt that the female was ready to be released it was a better idea to release her early than leave her in the jar and risk her releasing the eggs early.

But it really doesn't matter now because this thread is just going to turn into another 10 pages of useless banter, once again pushing relevant threads down, not to mention making the forum look bad to new comers.
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Originally Posted by jschristian44 View Post
hey guys
the female was actually showing the S pattern. she was frantically trying to get out and follow the male. so i guess thats good enough sign she was ready. tried releasing her last night. i was gonna wait til tonight to do it, but i figured the male has almost half the 10 gallon tank covered with his bubblenest and she was responding to him well. so i left her out and all that was done was fin tearing. i know its normal, but i was expecting more flirting than chasing. so im keeping her in there until tonight so they will wait even more until they are together, which should make them want each other even more.
TBH, I didn't follow up because
1. you always say your going to do something but then you do another thing - unpredictable. How are we suppose to help you if we are always faced with an unsuspected action.
2. you always release, separate, release, separate. I told you that once you decide to release, that's it - you either let them spawn or cancel for another week or so.

If you keep doing these things, I will stop posting to your threads.
All I/we can do is advise. YOU make the decision. Right or wrong is normal and to me is acceptable. BUT you have to stick to what you say and accept to cancel/postpone if you do something wrong.

If you want the female to be safe, get a bunch of stem plants and jam it to one side of the tank so the female can safely hide without the male following. Caves and other hideouts are IMO useless because the male can easily get to her. This way you can release the female early and not worry.

You obviously can't understand their body language. So, I'm sorry, YOU HAVE TO DO IT OUR WAY (who ever advises you). When you have a better understanding about everything, then you can alter things to you convenience.

Reply by stating your fish's situation/condition and what you plan to do. But this time, PLEASE, stick to your plan. Otherwise this may be my last post on any of your threads.
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Oh, DramaQueen, I'll bring some home made sugar cookies! XD

Justin, I've only read the first 8 or so posts....well, I'm going to assume you did the right stuff. You have completely conditioned the pair with frozen or live foods for two whole weeks, you have researched, you took the time to make sure there is enough hiding spots , you have containers for the future fry, you have cultures of live food ready for the fry as well, etc. I wish you the best of luck, because it seems you are honestly trying to put your best foot forward, and it seems you are trying to do it right :)

If you did the proper pre-work, and are willing to listen to and follow the advise of the people who give you info, then you most definately have my support.

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it sure seems like he took the advice given to him this time.

how about.... if he makes a video? shows us his breeding setup, his male, his female, ect? that way, WE can help him decide if she's ready or not, and there won't be any mistakes or accidents? o.o just a thought..... >.>;
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