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Post Water Changes/gravel vac?

I have three questions. :U

First, I have Robert in a heavily planted, filtered, heated five gallon tank with two otocinclus. Right now I do one 50-60% water change a week. So far I've had no problems. There are photos of the tank in my albums so that you can see how densely it's planted. I wonder if that is sufficient.

I also have four ADFs and two otocinclus in a (heavily planted, filtered, heated) ten gallon tank. My parents have been taking care of them while I've been away. I came back to visit this weekend to find that instead of the one 50% change per week that I've been telling them to do, they've been doing one 50% change per whenever the heck they feel like it, which is every "couple of weeks". They've also been using a vacuum cleaner hose to suck the water out and have been using containers that have been cleaned with soap and detergent. And they won't listen to me when I tell them to follow my instructions because "they look fine". What should I tell them, how can I get them to take me seriously? >:l

Lastly, mechanical gravel vacs are like 50$ and that's way out of my price range. I can never get the cheap plastic ones to work right, so I just use a turkey baster to the best of my ability to suck the grime out. Is that satisfactory?
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I use a cheap plastic gravel cleaner that I got from my local pet store. I didn't know how it worked at first until my bro told me how to use it. I just place the nozzle into the water and then on the other end( the hose) I suck on it like a straw until I see the water enter the tube once that happens I just stop and let the water pour into my bucket while I begin vacuuming the gravel :) Lol I'm not sure if I'm actually doing it right but it works. As for your parents try to have a talk with them. Tell them how important your fish are to you. If they still have an attitude about it then perhaps you should consider giving them up to a pet shop that way they can get the care they need from someone who is willing to care for them.
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Mechanical ones often dont work great anyways, so figuring out a plastic gravel vac is better. It took me awhile to figure it out too, but once I did it was easy-peasy. There are many ways, all of which are on youtube. I use this method, and it works perfectly. She stops the blabbing at 4:15-ish and does it: Works every time :D

Also, I think that if they arent going to do the water changes and take care of them properly, you should re-home them somehow. I guess the situation isnt terrible, but if you cant convince them by now, then you should somehow get them to you. It's a lucky thing the fishes' tank is planted!
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