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Old 04-24-2011, 12:27 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: United States
Smile New Betta

So My mom and I had to stop at Walmart and I ended up wondering of to the fish area like I always do. well I was looking through the Betta fishes and I ende dup finding a really dirty cup with a dark betta in it and I looked at the top and it was marked as a crowntail Male. He was just sitting at the bottom of his cup just like Oscar was when I first got him. I insantly wanted him because I wanted to save him from that nasty cup and I got Oscar from a cup like that as well and he's not my favorite baby. My mom finally wondered over to where I was and I showed her him. She's like he's ugly and I'm like don't be mean and since he had small fins I figured he would grow out and be really pretty.

Well at the checkout the cashier said basically name a price and at walmart the male crowntails ar elike $5.90 soemthing so i didn't want to feel to bad so I said $5.40? Well I finally got her and brought hhim home and got online to fingure things out because I noticed he had dark lines running along his sides so i looked up after how to tell the differences between male and female bettas and found out my he is a she. So meet my new FEMALE Betta. :)

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Old 04-24-2011, 05:43 AM   #2 
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Location: FDL, WI
:< NOT ugly.. PRETTY!!
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Old 04-24-2011, 06:19 AM   #3 
Arashi Takamine
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Cerulean City.
She's beautiful! I LOVE the dots in her dorsal fin!

(Omg! She looks like she could be Maka's fraternal twin!)
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Old 04-24-2011, 08:59 AM   #4 
Bettaluver4evr's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
Awww, poor baby! That's a little, lemme see... VT female with stress stripes. :) Poor lil thing! She's got the prettiest dorsal and the cutest face ever. :)
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Old 04-24-2011, 10:14 AM   #5 
Betta Slave
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Location: Canada, eh?
Aww, she's so cute :) I believe she's a little PK girl. Don't quote me on that, but I think so. lol
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Old 04-24-2011, 12:33 PM   #6 
New Member
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She is VERY pretty!!!
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Old 04-24-2011, 01:58 PM   #7 
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Location: Colorado
awwww she has a cute little face! congrats on the find! adn im sure she is happy you saved her
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female betta, walmart

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