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What is this on his top side toward tail? All new tank, and now he is not doing well

I am so sad, my Betta was doing really really well. Then his light burnt out and I had got so busy I had not changed his tank water in the 2.5 gallon in almost 2.5 months.

So anyways, I wanted to treat him. I bought him a tetra 5 gallon crescent tank.

New silk plants, new gravel, new everything! Only reused the heater (25w).

Now recently I thought he started getting minor fin rot, his color had gotten cloudy/lost color a little bit... and his fin(s) were curling at the bottom. He still swam around and ate.

Now Wed night (10pm) I put 5 gallon of somewhat room temp water. I rinsed 2 bags of gravel. Added Stress Coat (blue/purple bottle) - the 1 that helps the biological filter go better), added aqueon water conditioner, and 1 tablespoon of aq salt. All the right measurements. When we 1st put him in, he was swimming around wild for a while. Seemed to be happy.

Then I noticed yesterday (2nd day in new tank, well 1.5 days since we changed it the night before).. all he would do is sit toward the bottom, in his cave, or in the middle of plants basically not moving like he is a asleep.

Last night I added an anubia, crested java fern, and a Sword of some sort - I had relatives over and COMPLETELY forgot to rinse them off thoroughly and put them in the tank.

So all last night even with his light on, all he did was sit in the plants or behind his cave barely moving. I went downstairs at 2 am and almost thought he died, he was literally at the bottom touching gravel just breathing and sitting next to his cave... i began to really worry.

Wake up this morning and he really hadn't moved just faced diff directions. The water is Cloudy!!!!! I just did a new water change Wed night at 10-11 pm EST.

So I have a 1 gallon little bowl. Filled it with similar temp water. Put in Aqueon Water conditioner, 1ml of that stress zyme or w/e it is.. but before i touched his other habitat he started darting out of nowhere in his new tank!!!! But I still took him out and put him in the 1G and hes in there.. and now he is just sitting in the bottom of there, swimming occasionally.. I put in 2 pellets and I didn't see him eat them as I am typing now, but my gf said they are gone... I guess that is good?

Anyway I don't know why new tank waater was cloudy, cause I didn't rinse plants off? AQ Salt 32 hours later ( never used before and wanted to treat the rot naturally vs the bettafix I have didnt want to use it yet)

Now for pics, pic of whole tank is from last night. In the little bowl this morning, and I got a pic of him hiding in the plant like he did last night w light on when hes usually swimming he would sit and not move.

And the 1 pic is scary - hes at bottom this morning and where he was at 2 am just diff directions sitting there.

Also I circled what is that spot on him! Hes had it for a week or so now and it got a little bigger last 30 hours...

PS in his new tank hes been flaring his gills. I am just really worried. We have had him since Mid July of last year. Hes grown a lot.. and hes been in his old tank since Mid August last year.. this tank and everything wound up getting expensive, i was so happy to treat him and now I feel I hurt him :(

Please help me before its too late

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he definitely has mild fin rot from the photos, and the blackish spot on his back is probably a fungal infection he got from the amount of time he spent in a dirty tank.

i think it's good you put him in a "neutral" tank. you've got to totally sanitize the new tank you have before you put him back in it. and you should only put him back in when he has completely healed. you dont want him to get reinfected.

try getting Tetracycline or Ampicillin from a pet store and combine it with an anti - fungal perhaps. i don't have any suggestions as to where to get these, as i'm having trouble finding them myself. if the petstore doesn't have these, try getting a "broad spectrum" antibiotic. follow the instructions on the bottle, and keep doing a lot of water changes. at least once a week in his "hospital" bowl.

also, maybe give him somewhere to hide and rest in his hospital tank. something you can clean and sanitize easily when you do the water changes, like a clean tea cup or something.
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