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Exclamation Divided 20 gal questions! Please help!

I had my 20 gallon divided 3 ways, which was too stressful, so now it's only divided two ways, one giant plakat and one hm dt plakat. It is currently unfiltered as I haven't been able to baffle the filter that came with the tank.

If I keep it unfiltered, how often should I be changing the water? It's heated and I feed them both 6 - 10 pellets a day, divided into morning and night. After 3 or 4 days with 3 fish, I just did about a 60% water change and adjusted the tank for two fish. I used a pump filter. In the future I might just remove the two guys, use the pump filter to remove half of the water and then filter the rest of it. How does that sound to you guys? What is your advice? I occasionally feed them bloodworms as well.

Also, will they eventually stop flaring at one another and chill out? I have notice a few rips in fins, from flaring so much, I'm assuming. They have hiding spots and actually quite large plants along the divider I was hoping would hide them from one another. So far, no such luck.
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6 to 10 a day? thats a lot...and yes they eventually get bored of flaring at each other and swim away from the divider...every now and then they will flare at each other again but nothing constant
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Depending on the pellet size, 6-10 a day may not be too much. I feed about that much on Atison's Pro.

If the tank will remail unfiltered, I think I would do water changes every 3 days, and alternate. As in, clean one side the first time, then the other side 3 days later, lather, rinse, repeat :)

Personally I will only use sponge filters in divided tanks. Because I had a massive velvet break out when I had my 15 gallon divided, and only used one filter. Now I use a sponge filter on each section and my bettas are doing great :)
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I would put in a filter. If there's just 2 bettas in the tank, a relatively small one would do nicely. That would reduce the water flow to a comfortable level....

Good luck!

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