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Originally Posted by BlueHaven View Post
I think it is safe to use a cuttlebone with bettas, but someone please correct me if i'm wrong!
I have put cuttlebone in before with my snail and betta and it was fine, I think.
Autumn is keeping on of her fins to her side though, so i'm going to go back and see if it's the cuttlebone that's the problem...
If you want, you could just take your snail out during feeding time and put a piece with him/her to eat alone. You can give them calcium tablets too.


This is a picture of my snail i shot today... Ill wait and see if anyone else thinks that the cuttlebone is safe, cause it is in with Thaddeus, and i dont want to do anything to hurt him. He is the only one that didnt get sick when i had finrot in the tank.
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Aww, cute!!

I figured out that it was not the cuttlebone or the other calcium I used (tablets) that caused her to hold her pectoral fins (I said ventral but I meant pectoral) to herself, it was my being stupid about her being very clever.
She hurt them on the divider trying to rearrange the gravel to get to the other side...>_<
I'm buying river rocks to put along the edges, I know she won't be able to move those, they are too heavy.
So not so great a way of finding out, but using cuttlebone is safe.
I checked the ph of the water after a water change, and it did not make any difference. I looked up about it to and have found it to be safe.
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Autumn is doing okay now!
She's using all her fins to swim, and her pectoral fins that got hurt should grow back soon.
Here are pictures of what Autumn and Turny's home is like, this is the divided tank! I may be switching to a glass tank though. :D

Oh, don't use the calcium tablets in the water with the bettas, take your snail out and feed it to him separately if your going to use them.
I used Citracal's calcium.
The cuttlebone is okay, just take it out before it dissolves and do a water change, checking the ph to make sure it doesn't change.

I forgot Sol (new place):

^ That's him and his bubble nest before I moved him to his new place.


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