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Old 05-06-2011, 06:41 PM   #11 
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The salt and tannin treatment usually works.

Continuing care:
Draw a picture of him and keep track of pin-holes and losses to fins.
Watch main body for slightly lighter color triangular areas.
Watch eyes for clouding.

If the pin-holes continue to form then you will need to use the "jungle fungus clear" and attempt to get triple-sulfa (fairly cheap, a vet may have it on hand) Dosage of 664mg Sodium Sulfathiazole, 168mg Sodium Sulfamethazine and 168mg Sodium Sulfacetamide per 10 gallons for 48 hours as-per API packaging. The Nitrofurans won't negatively impact the Sulfa. Remember to keep aeration up in the hospital tank, an air-stone at the surface should be enough.

One of the things we need to add to the attack of external bacteria is to immediately use very very soft water in QT. Most the bacteria use water carbonate combined with the fish's protein to grow. A zero carbonate environment makes the bacteria very weak. (It also retards the growth of biological filtration, so will keep the nitrate cycle from starting in the QT tank.)

You can get low to zero carbonate water either from reverse osmosis or from distilled water that does not mention "added minerals for taste".

Keep in mind that Nitrofurans are bacterial reproduction blockers, they're not a cure. If you like you can include them with the salt and tannin treatment as long as you are precise with the dosage. I use them often with Sulfa, Neomycin and Kanamycin simply because they increase the density of medication without creating a unique toxicity.
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I have noticed a large pinhole in his dorsal and a lighter area under his eye (may just be his metallic) but I am keeping an eye on it.
I am using tetra black water extract as I don't have tannins-they seem to like it but I don't know that it really replicates tannins
Good info about the soft water
And I am assuming I need to keep his tank at 75 for the entire treatment (I can tell he hates it and hovers over the heater)?
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Old 05-07-2011, 12:03 AM   #13 
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I did a photoshoot with clampy documenting :
1. his pin hole
2. the weird light spot on his anal fin that appeared quite a white ago (It was not fuzzy and I didn't think anything of it, it looked like possible scar/thin tissue)
3. I was curious about the coloring on his anal fin for a while as it looked like it had washed out areas of color on it (nothing pure white, grey of fuzzy, just in the tissue)
4. also there is a light patch under his left eye i think it's just his metallic
5. It also shows his raggedy fin where it fell off

The last shot was too cute because he was totally posing for me!

I also remember that he had a long stringy white poo not to long ago, but I passed it off because after that he was normal again
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Here Fishy Fishy Fishy
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He is so beautiful!

I wouldn't worry about the stringy poop just now, as he's not looking bloated and the bigger issue to treat is the fin rot - that's just my opinion, however.

Don't throw too much treatment at him all at once, as that will stress him out more when he needs to be healing his fins...
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Old 05-09-2011, 11:07 PM   #15 
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All the bettas I removed from my aquarium now have pin holes and the other two have been tail chomping.

Clampy is doing okay, no new developments, no new pinholes.

Is there any disease that causes the pin holes that they all might have?

I am thinking it may have been the stress of moving them into smaller quarters and now they are bored.
Also do I have to throw the plants that were in my tank away?

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Old 05-12-2011, 09:54 PM   #16 
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Absolutley miserable

My cellophane DT Phantom has taken a huge chuck out of his anal fin and there is white fuzzy stuffy growing on the tip! Also he seems to have chomped of his ventrals very short! Arrrrrgh.

I had moved him into a split 5 gallon critter keeper after a few days in a QT tank by himself as I need to share a heater.

I put him in a Qt w. AQ salt, black water extract and the jungle fungus eliminator.

Clampy is doing great and still in his AQ salt QT tank.

Other guy is okay so far but he is now in split 5 gallon critter keeper with crowntail.

SO now it is possilble that 4 fish are infected with what ever is going on. I can't lower the temp as my adjustable heater was just recalled.

I am going to wait and see.

In other news I bleached out the ten gallon tank they were in, I baked the substrate at 45o degree for an hour and I put the tank in the sun to kill of any bleach, then brought it in set it up with a ton of prime and am running it for hours. I will empty it a rinse more before setting back up.

I have the plants in regular tap water. I don't want them to die but I am not sure what to do with them, can I reuse them for the new tank set up?
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Old 05-13-2011, 01:00 AM   #17 
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Again, if there's fuzz, knock that crudd to it butt with the 3tsp/gal of AQ, etc etc.

If you can, actually physically knocking off the afflicted area will help. I had the same situation (but a bit more intense) and used my dosing syringe (from walmart, best thing I ever bought!) and hit it with water and it came off.
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I was looking for the "like" button!Thanks
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