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Pet Store Betta - SBD?

I work at a pet supply chain that sells bettas. We've got a little butterfly veiltail in that looks like he's suffering from swim bladder disease. I'm planning on bringing him home with me tonight to treat him as we don't have epsom salt in the store. Can someone confirm that he has SBD based on his symptoms and perhaps give me some treatment suggestions?

He looks outwardly healthy, but his back end keeps drifting back up to the surface. He's just in a couple cups of water, which I will be changing momentarily, and once I get him home I'm going to stick him in a warm gallon pitcher of clean water.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Thanks for all your help.
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Epsom salt is the best treatment I have found for swim bladder and labyrinth organ problems....start with 1tsp/gal along with 100% daily water changes for 2 days then on day 3 increase to 2tsp/gal for 7 more days-along with the 100% daily water changes to complete a 10 day treatment
Cover the top of the small QT container floating in the heated tank to maintain a water temp in the 76F range with plastic veggie wrap to help keep the air warm and humid.....hold food for 2 days then offer small frequent meals during treatment

Epsom salt can usually be found at most store that have a pharmacy dept....
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