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I don't let my conditioned water sit for more than a few minutes. If I did then it wouldn't be the same temp as the tank (10 gallons).
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Originally Posted by Lion Mom View Post
Hi, Welsh! How goes it? Have missed you & your posts!!!! Don't be such a stranger - PLEASE! :)

OK - I put my conditioner (I use Prime) in the buckets of new water. I add it while the bucket is filing so it gets mixed in right away Then I pour the conditioned water into the tank.

Hope that helps!!!
Yeah it goes well thanks! :p I will try my very best, not to be a stranger. I've been quite busy, re-decorating and attempting a paludarium -quite basic for my vampire crabs, so actually forgot about this post :O

I use API and it has the american measurements on the back, so it confuses me lol It would probably confuse me if it was in UK measurements, to be honest haha Not the brightest crayon in the box, i'll admit lol. So I was doing it right? I always thought I was adding too much, especially when the water turned dusty white haha

I add 1ml per bucket and my tank is about 12UK gallons, so thats about right, right? lol

Ahh thanks for the help!! :D
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Does storing conditioned water allow gas bubbles to dissipate? I have a real problem with them when I do water changes. Also, how do you get stored water up to the same temperature as the tank water? Keep a heater in it?
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Originally Posted by Blazer23 View Post
Is it okay if I store conditioned water for the next water change? Or does the conditioned water wear off or is it condition for life
The reason people let their water sit goes back to the olden days of fish keeping (like 20 year ago LOL!) when many of our water supplies were not treated with chloramines and only less stable chlorine was used. Today, good quality conditioners do all the work for us, neutralizing chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. They work well and do their job in just a few minutes so aging water is no longer a necessity. If you live in a country or district that doesn’t use chloramines, however, you could use the aging method and not bother with chemical additives at all.

I'm curious how water is treated outside the U.S. Anybody know if chloramines are the norm?
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Neil D
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TO get my water to the same temp, I fill it up with HOT water, condition it, let it sit out overnight and then change the water the following day. Then I let the water sit for 15 mins and reacclimate my betta. I have a heated, filtered ten Gallon tank. hehe good luck!
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