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Old 05-26-2011, 02:00 PM   #11 
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Could we have some pics of your betta?

How did you determine her gender? was it on the bowl you bought her in? Sometimes females are actually males called plakats...just thought maybe it'd be a good idea to have a good clear pic, so we can assure you she is indeed female.

As far as tankmates, many of the experienced betta owners on here have betta "sororities", which is a school of female bettas...usually 6 or more...and they need at least 10 gallons. I think most people here would recommend continuing to learn about your first girl before attempting a sorority, as they can be stressful and difficult to handle =)

As far as a male and a female together, thats a HUGE nono...bettas are solitary creatures, and males are SUPER aggressive and will attack any other bettas.

As far as other tankmates, plenty of people have different kinds of shrimp and snails, and there are some other species of fish that are okay with bettas, however the tank should be much larger if you wish to house other species and again, many here would suggest you learn as much as possible about and get used to your original betta first. You might find that you enjoy having the one! Bettas are absolutely packed with personality, and you can have quite a relationship with them. They're also very smart and will greet you, get excited when they see they're about to be fed, and some seem to try and make you feel better when you're down! I have a friend (who isnt on here) who's betta will wake her up if he gets hungry when she's sleeping by ramming into his tank side hard enough to make a light clicking noise haha

I personally wish to see pics! we love to show off our babies here and see those other people own!
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amacarm - it's great that you came onto this forum! it is full of many knowledgeable and friendly people.

these are the things i believe you should do ASAP.

go to a petstore, or is cheaper usually.

buy these things (these are the must-have basics):

* a 2 gallon tank or bowl

* a heater that is 10-25 watts, or a heater that is recommended for use on 2 gallons and up

* a thermometer

* aquarium salt

* water conditioner - (very important!)

* separate 1 gallon container (like a pitcher, water jug, etc.)

then go home, and:

* rinse out your new tank with hot tap water, wipe dry with clean rag (this is just to remove anything that might be on your new tank)

* fill up your 1 gallon container with water, add the water conditioner (see directions on bottle for how much to add)

* let the container filled with water sit for an hour or so to get to apx. room temperature

* pour the treated water into your new tank

* put the thermometer on or in your tank

* put heater inside tank. do not plug it in for apx. 20 minutes. (it needs that time to aclimate to the water temp.)

* plug in heater.

* add your fish to it's new tank!

the water will be cleaner, warmer, and the fish will have more room to swim around.

if you feel that there is something wrong with your fish, follow all the above instructions, but ALSO add 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt to the water in the container. let the salt dissolve (apx. 15 minutes or so), then add this water to the new tank.

good luck!
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It should be noted that you should not use Aquarium Salt long term, it should only be used when your fish is sick. Overuse of Aquarium Salt is detrimental to the fish and also allows the betta (and disease causing bugs) to build up a resistance to its effects so it won't work when you need it too :)
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