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Originally Posted by Punki View Post
That is so odd! Does she always see her tankmates? My girl would never flare, or if she did it was so little and cute, nothing big and impressive like my male, so i was thinking if she isnt used to other fish and didnt flare or it was small that maybe she was a girl with a eggy spot deformity? If you had a male id say to put her near him and watch for stripes again or maybe some bloating but if it is indeed a girl and her eggspot somehow vanished then she may not be able to release the eggs she grows. Im just completely stumped!
She's currently in a 10 gallon with three other females, not separated. Like I've said, she'll flare at one of them once in a while but aside from that they seem to get on alright. She's lived in there for over a month with them and hasn't looked like this or started flaring until recently (past couple weeks).

I might try sticking her in with Jabu-Jabu in a separation holder just to see what happens. Thanks for the idea!
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No problem, hopefully her eggspot pokes back out when seeing a male :)) I really hope shes a girl though. Would hate to have to get rid of such a pretty fish :)
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