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Betta Question

Hi everyone,

I have a petco King betta named Gus. He lives in a like 1.5 or 2gal tank, where I do one 1/2 and one full water change (where I wash off the gravel and plants) with distilled water a week.

I have had him just over a month, he is usually pretty active, he swims around, fights his reflection, leaps around and dances for food, etc.

All of a sudden like two or three days ago he stopped being at all active. He sits near the top completely motionless and does not wiggle at all when I come up (he usually gets super excited cause he knows I bring the food). And if I just drop food in he doesn't seem to notice. However, if I tap on the glass or wiggle his plant and "wake him up" and then feed him he jumps at his food and eats voraciously. If within that couple minute time span where I have just woken him up and fed him i show him a mirror he fights his reflection like normal. However, once I walk away he goes back to the like catatonic state and if I hold a mirror near him (he usually chooses a place near his plant right near the front of his tank to "sleep") he does not notice or fight at all.

Am I being needlessly worried? Has he just settled in, gotten bored of his surroundings, and taken to very long naps, or is this behavior a precursor to some sort of illness I can prevent? Also, if it is at all relevent, his color is very good still - (I had a betta many years ago who I had for two years and then he passed away, right before he did he lost his color...)
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I just want to say this is second hand information. I'm away and someone is looking after my betta. She was telling me how he wouldn't eat or seemed uninterested in food a few times. Then she told me how she didn't turn the light on, just opened the lid and dropped in the pellets, etc. Now she sits down by him for a minute or two and he gets all excited and goes nuts for food again

So either he just needed a wake up and a lil attention, or he likes my mother better than me.

Just a thought of something to try.
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Is he the fish in the avatar? If so he is gorgeous!Do you have a heater for his tank? Sometimes if bettas get cold they can get a bit sluggish...It also lowers their immune system if they're cold.I would consider switching to tap water with a good water conditioner like prime. Distilled water can lack needed minerals.
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my betta was like that so i gave him so fresh water salt . the next day he have bright color and moving ever where .And i would get a 5 gallon
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