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What live foods?

I read the thread on live foods that was posted but I was wondering how many cultures should I have going between adult and fry food. I have Mosquitos for my adults and I have 3 MW started for fry. Should I do bbs too and something else for my adults? I'm conditioning a while longer so I have time before anything is needed for fry. Oh btw I only have 2 pairs. Can I just get a 1 or 5 gallon to hatch brine shrimp in, I know they dont live long so a 10g seems like a lot of wasted space to me. My fish are already looking better with uping they're food since yesterday morning even. I also got a second 10g for my other pair or for cultures if i have to use it for that. Im waiting to get more plants and figure out this food thing, and Im ready :)
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I forgot I was also going to ask the best way to clean a used tank. I got a ten gallon from a friend today and it was sitting in her garage a while. I have it soaking in hot water right now, I didnt know if there was any kind of soap or disinfectant I could use.
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Micro worms can only be fed for up to 4 weeks, after that you really need to switch to a larger food. I like to feed my fry a mixture of microworms, vinegar eels, walter worms, and bannana worms until they're about 2 weeks old. Then I phase that out and begin using frozen or live bbs until about 5-6 weeks old (depending on size), then I transition to NLS grow, crushed atison's pro, and frozen daphnia, from then on I feed that until they're big enough to eat regular pellets and frozen foods.

I'm not sure what you mean by having a tank for cultures. You don't need a tank to culture foods unless your culturing something like daphnia. You can google how to make a DIY brineshrimp hatchery out of a plastic bottle. It's very easy. Most other cultures can be housed in tupperware style plastic containers.

A 1:10 mixture of bleach and water is the best way to disinfect a tank. Scrub and rinse thoroughly with hot water then leave out in bright sunlight to dry for a few days.
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