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Just to clarify. Dalmatian (not dalmation) is not technically a color name as recognized by the IBC. So basically you can call any fish with some spots on it a Dal. Basically what a dal is is a solid or marble colored fish with noticeable spots on it. Some part of the spots is linked with the marble gene which hasn't been fully investigated so it's hard to breed for them.

A blue fish with black dots, most likely on the caudal or dorsal fin is just a blue fish. Those black dots are throwbacks from the original betta splendens. You can find a lot of wilds with similar spots or stripes on their dorsal or caudal fins.
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These are Dalmatians :3 My guys.
Click image for larger version

Name:	2011-01-26 23.58.10.jpg
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Name:	2011-04-02 21.35.05.jpg
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Name:	2011-01-21 11.45.09.jpg
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Breeding dals is VERY, if youre lucky, 1 of 100 fry will be dalmatian. Maybe.

The orange dal line was started by a Thai breeder, but thats about all I know. I dont know if its limited to fin spots or to body/fins...But Id almost say that a dalmatian is so only with them on the fins, because on a body, it reminds me of a marble, ya know? Idk.

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*steals Pews dals*

it's not hard. victoria, off bettysplendens, experimented with Dal, and found this out:
The females I managed to save, and bred them both into my solid orange Ralph Tran line. Of their offspring, approximately 30% had red spotted fins by 6 weeks of age; another 20% or so developed red spotting as they aged.
it depends on if red is in the fins of the betta being spawned to the Dal, it seems. she bred one to a red, and got red cambodians. bred to an orange, got about 50% or so, dals.
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