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Thank you both of you!

I have decided to do a fishless cycle for sure. It appears I will have at least 2 weeks before any betta arrive from thailand anyway. I plan on doing ammonia although I am not sure from where yet. A local LFS told me to use my own urine, but needless to say I won't be doing that!

I have decided to go with a new fluval edge (not filled all the way up) with mr11 leds instead of halogen. I am a bit confused about all the instructions about how to alter the aquaclear 20, but I have been studying the filter alterations threads and feel confident I will be able to work it out. My plan is the sponge attachment to the filter uptake and using extra media inside until the betta feels comfortable. If that doesn't slow it enough then i will try the other methods.

As far as stem plants, I have always been concerned about their higher light requirements, the cleaning of the substrate and their nutrient requirements. I understand that they provide greater health benefits to the fauna so they interest me, but I am unsure of them in the small light spread of the edge. I think I will stick with the anubias and java ferns that allow me to use minimal substrate. Although I love the way tahitian moon sand looks, and natural substrate looks as well, I think I want to go with a single layer of small river rocks (like they do with goldfish) to make sure the fish feel safe on the dark bottom, but thin enough to not collect debris.

I have also purchased the fluval chi 6.6 for a bathroom as yet another sole betta tank. I have found some people feel the filter is ideal for a single betta, any thoughts on this tank thunderloon? The filter media is much much less than an aquaclear, but I feel if I keep it mostly barebottom with the daily turkeybasting and w/c, the gentle filteration seems ideal.

Thanks again for all your input. Hopefull yit will result in happy long lived bettas!
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Hi there,

Fishless cycle an easy method is just to use some of your fish food daily. That is what I did and have never had an issue with my tanks.

The fluval chi is a tank I would love to have, I have read a lot about them and from what I understood they are perfect for our Betta friends. They are easy to maintain, the flow is not strong at all and the only negative I've heard about is the evaporation rate in the tank since it has no lid. Its a pity they are to expensive for me to get here.

Since you dont mind spending the money, I would invest in Seachem's Prime for water conditioner - its expensive but it does work better than others Ive tested, plus it will last you forever! Seachem Stability - this you only need a small bottle of, it helps kickstart the tank as well as helps converting the ammonia and so forth. Once you add your betta, just follow the instructions and use the right dose for 7 days. Plus there is no over dosing with this product. Last but not least Seachem Flourish (I dont use Excel yet since I cant afford it this month). Out of all the plant fertilizers I found this one is keeping my plants EXTREMELY happy.

As for plants there is a wide variety that you can use that are easy to keep without loads of fuss or lighting. If you want pm me and I can send you a list of what I recently got for my tanks.
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How lucky to have a filer guru!!!

Something I have been considering, but have not yet tried, is a dimmer. I hear people all the time saying their filter won't adjust down far enough. Why not use a dimmer switch?

As someone who used to do electrical, I know it only takes 10 minutes to install a dimmer switch on an outlet, and then you can regulate your current with the fine tuning on the dimmer.

Now, for those without electrical skills, I see they have have these "in-line" dimmers, that you just plug in like a power strip. I have used similar on power tools for certain purposes but never tried one on a filter (yet).

I'm sure it would void any warranties, but does the guru think it could work?

Here's a link for an example
"Leviton 300-Watt Tabletop Dimmer"
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