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Is my betta ok??

I got my Betta today and I noticed that he has something by his gills or around that area (or at least it looks like he does) , and also, is his tail damaged (or is it fin rot or something else)?? If something is wrong could you please tell me how to help him. Here is a picture:

Some information you might need to help:

My tank is 21liters or 5.5 gallons, The tanks is newly set up, so about 3 weeks, I use a marina filter which could be used on up to 30 liter tanks. It is 22 celcius (i have a heater). I have fed him some bloodworms and betta pellets which he ate a bit of (not very much) but he did just arrive so I think he was a bit stressed from the trip here. He was the only male in a tank with many (about 15) female bettas in the petshop so that might explain why his tail is a bit damaged from them nipping it.

I use a test strip (Tetra 6in1 test) which says:
Ph = 6.8
GH (general hardness)= 12
KH (Carbonate)= 4
NO3 (Nitrate) = 10
NO2 (Nitrite) = 0
Cl2 (Chlorine)= 0

None of these things seem wrong to me, but correct me If I am wrong!! I just want my betta to be a healthy little guy!

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It could be nipping related from the 15 females he was housed with or tailbiting......

I would keep his water clean and watch for secondary infections......he is alone in the 5gal now...right?......good nutrition and clean water and you should start to see clear to white edges a sign of regrowth in a few days to week....depending on genetic, age, severity of damage his tail may or may not return to its full glory.....
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It could be finrot, in which case you should add aquarium salt (if you haven't already). Or it is also possible that he may be tailbiting, in which case I cannot advise you much on.
As far as I can see (in the pic) he looks pretty normal.
Since you aren't familiar with the appearance and behavior of your fish, many things may seem odd.
But unless you find something seriously wrong with him, I suggest you relax and let him be. Let him get comfortable in his tank.
Good luck! :)
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He is either tailbiting or getting nipped on. It could be finrot.... are the edges of his fins unnaturally black or red?
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