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I think it might be the fact that one had it, things would spread rather fast, if you have four bettas in a five gallon. I believe that the only safe tank size to house two female or two males in is a 10 gallon. Or if you want, put a divider in, as Nuriel had done, if you want a female or male. If you wanted, however, you could try your luck with a 10 gallon and all four of them in without dividers, if they are all one gender. Hope this helps!
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Males will fight to the death if they don't have enough space in order to retreat. A 10g tank is definitely not enough room for two males. I would suggest a tank at least six feet long with lots of hiding spaces in order to keep more than one male in the same tank.
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I dont think my Betta tore his fins but that it is fin rot as the tail and fins have deteriorated a lot in just 2 1/2 days. They seem to just be disintegrating. I bought some medication at PetCo. The gal there said it could be also caused by stress or bacteria since the aquarium water tests good. He is still swimming around and eating
with gusto, .
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Hi Tigar
I now believe he has fin rot not torn fins. Trying to treat with medication.

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Yea, that makes more sense. Never had to treat for fin rot, so not familiar with methods, but good luck!
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Sorry I didn't see your post right away. Do his fins look ragged and disintegrating, or like they have large chunks taken out of them? Some bettas bite their own tails for some reason or another. Even if it appears to be fin rot now, he may have bitten his own tail which then got infected. If your plants are silk, they really shouldn't be a problem. Do you have a filter in there that he may have had a run in with? Of course, not being there I could be way off base, so the first priority now is to get the fin rot healing and then identify the cause. What medication are you using? A lot of pet stores recommend bettafix or melafix, beside my own bad experiences with it, you can read about it here: FishGeeks :: View topic - What you need to know about Bettafix and Melafix

I have had good luck with Fungus Clear by Jungle Labs, but you will find that everyone has their own opinions on the matter. This is just what has worked for me. Good luck.
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my betta is similar with the ragged fins but with his back fin it is worse(unsure the real term is/not the top or bottom one). but i have a biorb which is 60l and he swims all over it top to bottom and some times rests at the bottom but the rocks have been move and the gravel can be seen/get to (but it has been like that for a while and it hasnt bothered him) but recently there was a little hole in his tale and it split and tore so he has a split in it and another little hole had shown up and split so i have treated the hole tank for fin rot and put in aquarium salt in and stress coat because i have a single guppy (he doesnt bother him only when he trys to get his food) and his tale was ragged but he seems like he is healing really fast but i cant really get the betta to stay stillish so i can have a look but he is acting normal eating like a pig, greeting me when i come to the tank (then some times swims of then comes back like when i am trying to look at his tail almost like a game of find me) and acts like he owns the tank. so is it just ripped/caught fins or not? thanks for the help
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