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First of all thanks a lot for replying to my questions people! :)
And this post might be a long one, sorry!
Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
That depends on the Betta...some tolerate shrimp and other don't...IMO/E the tank size of 5 liters or 1.3gal would be fine as far as bioload, however, with or without the added shrimp your water changes need to be increased to maintain water quality for the Betta alone...

In 1.3gal unfiltered without live plants need twice weekly water changes...1-50% and 1-100% to maintain water quality

You add shrimp because you like them and want should never add tank mates with the intentions of them being used for clean-up....since our tanks are closed systems they can't support nutritional needs and it is the hobbyist job anyway....just part of keeping aquariums.......

Feeding-usually a little extra Betta food 2-3 times a week is all that is needed to meet the nutritional needs of a single ghost have to be careful adding too much food or different food like algae wafer for shrimp because Bettas tend to be pigs and will overeat and you end up with a sick buggers......

Making the needed water changes may also be a problem unless you add some live plants and this would help in many ways too....a place for the shrimp to hide and feed in and live plants can help with water quality to a degree depending on the species of plant and number...making the needed 100% water changes with shrimp can sometimes be a challenge.....but not impossible......
I'm planning to add some small live plants (suggestions welcome).
Yes, I'll try my best to keep up with the water changes. And yes, I do like shrimp. The bowl would look very lively with a shrimp scavenging around the tank, I was only wondering if it would also help in keeping the tank clean as an added benefit as I'd read about it somewhere.
Okay, I'll be careful about the amount of food I add and I guess I'll just add the same pellets that I use for my fish.
As for hiding places, I'm planning to put in 2 live plants (as I already said), also, I'm planning to add in a small hollow tube like hiding place (anything that I should keep in mind while placing this?) & I already have a fake plant inside the bowl.
Yes, I know how difficult shrimp can be. My friend's shrimp jumped out of the net and landed up behind the tank. There was no way to bring him out & he unfortunately died! :(

Originally Posted by small fry View Post
I am just going to add something really quickly. In somewhat rare cases, Ghost Shrimp have attacked and ripped up male bettas' tails. This usually happends when the Ghost Shrimp is underfed/not fed, but it will even happen with a well fed Ghost Shrimp. If you do get a Ghost Shrimp, watch your betta's tail carefully. It is a good idea to have a little bit bigger tank before you consider adding a Ghost Shrimp, as a bigger tank would decrease the risk of an attack by your betta, or by your Ghost Shrimp.

Also, one last thing. Make sure that when you get a Ghost Shrimp, make sure that it is actually a Ghost Shrimp! There is a species of shrimp that is very similar that is highly aggressive and has been reported to kill bettas. I honestly think quite afew of the stories of bettas' tails getting ripped up by Ghost Shrimp is caused by the other species looking similar to Ghost Shrimp.
I shall bare that in mind too. I'll try to get a bigger tank, but at the moment, it's nearly impossible, so maybe I'll delay getting the shrimp by a few days.
I'm pretty sure that it is a ghost/glass shrimp, however, I'll ask the guy at the pet store once again when I decide to bring one home. :)

Originally Posted by DormDrax View Post
I had 12 ghost shrimp for many months then at one point almost had 20 because they kept breeding...

Then suddenly they all died >_> and I only found half of the corpses.

So your betta may not mind them for the longest time then one day just WANT them gone.
So sorry about your shrimp! :/
I hope my betta won't mind him in the tank. But if he does eat him, I won't get another one thereafter. :(

Originally Posted by small fry View Post
That is awful! Sounds like a medication poisoning to me, though. All those Ghost Shrimp at once, that would be one busy day for your betta.

More stuff kills shrimp and snails that people realize. I accidently killed one of my favorite Mystery Snails with Aquari-Sol a long time ago. If you started adding anything to the water, then that might have caused it. Just a thought.

It still could have certainly been your betta, though.
The only thing I add to the water is water conditioner to remove chlorine, chloramines, ammonia & nitrate. Also I heard that if any copper based medicines are to be added to the tank, I must first separate out the shrimp.

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Housing is now 6 gal & I've bought the ghost shrimp already.
My betta is currently getting acclimated in the 6 gal.
My ghost shrimp is still small & I think he should spend a week in the betta's old bowl before I put him into the 6 gal.
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