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These are the decorations and plants that he has: (He LOVES this. His favorite thing ever)
I'v got this for my boy too, he loves it (When I inspected it it seemed really soft. He likes to sleep in it with his nose touching the bottom of the inside of the plant.)
I've got this too - seems okay to me (This is not currently in use cause I need to figure something out to keep the leaf in the suction cup. Hopefully when I get it fixed he ends up loving it.)
Tried it, didn't work for me. If you keep using it, just make sure no wires from the leaf ever poke through but otherwise harmless (This is buried within a LOT of rocks so the knife can't really poke him or cut him.)
It's pretty blunt all around so I can't think this would catch his fins (This is the heater...the smaller model. He has recently gotten addicted to sleeping in between the heater and the wall with hsi stomach resting near/on the heater itself.)
No, this should be fine too

Everything checks out. He may be a tailbiter. You could get one more hairgrass to put in there. Bettas love plants and my guy loves to swim through his little plant forest. Take it from me, don't get plants like this one
Trashed my guy's tail.
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Well I guess the last question that remains is:

Is there absolutely anything I can possibly do to aid my little boy??
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Location: Elk Grove, California
Keep him in warm, clean water and put him in QT the moment he shreds his tail again. Some bettas are just born tailbiters, who knows why. You could try getting him one of those little betta exercise mirrors and putting it in there once a week. Maybe if he gets exercise flaring at himself, he won't feel the need to bite his tail. But only once a week or he might get tired of seeing himself all the time and stop flaring. You can also put your finger in there and gently chase him around his tank once a week so he gets exercise.
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Change water frequently i think it would help. One of my betta that i bought 02/10 i just realized tail biter. For as long as i have him he did it 1 times before and he just did it recently. I just change his water more often than my other bettas. When he did it 1st time i didn't understand what happened. Now it obviously. I don't have filters and betta healthy don't have fin rot or ....

Also i was wondering if it good idea to add aquariums salt? OFL can u tell me what u think about aq salt? May be quarter of the tsp/gall? Or may be only when we see that they do it again?

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