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89 degree water?! Help!

I went shopping this morning and came back to find my fish roasting at 89 degrees!! I immediately shut down the heater. Should i put cold water in the tank or just let it cool down on its own? Harold seems ok and is acting like normal. Can he be damaged from being so hot?
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Water temp of 89F isn't that long as the Betta is tolerating it without any issues....I wouldn't worry.....good that you turned off the heater.....

Also, if he does seem to be symptomatic to high temps-you can turn off the light, lower the water level and if filtered this will let the water overflow splash more to increase oxygen level in the tank and cool it some as well and either remove the hood or prop it open for better air extreme cases-add ice to a zip-lock bag and float in the tank to slowly decrease the water temp and once at the temp you want...make a 25% water only change......
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do not add water like you did. temperature change can kill if its that fast
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Teishokue I never did. If you reread the post it says, " Should i put cold water in the tank?" not, "I put cold water in his tank to cool it down."
The temperature is now down to 85.
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when my fish's water temp needs adjusting I usually fill up a gallon jug with a tad warmer or cooler water depending on which way I want the temp to go and treat it and start adding it in. I do the first bit in the corner farthest from him and slowly and stop to see how he reacts to make sure it's not bugging him, and let it sit for a bit to spread, and then add a bit more, till they're similar temps, and just finish adding it in while monitoring him. if mine is uncomfortable he gets really clear stress-streaks so I know to stop. but I've never had an issue. I do, however, have a 5 gal, so e has a little more space between, in a smaller tank I don't think I'd do this DX like OFL said though ice in a plastic tub/ very well tightly locked baggy works well and slowly enough he can adjust ^-^
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