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Old 06-17-2011, 06:35 PM   #11 
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when i saw my walmart had bettas for the first time in nearly 10 years, i had to rescue a little....... i don't know what he used to be. some idiot put him in a larger CT's cup, and he had stumps for fins. i grabbed an empty cup, plopped down in the middle of the aisle, and scooped him out, and put him back in his own cup. i had people staring at me, so i angrily protested it, yelling out about idiots thinking it's funny to put two bettas in the same cup. when i got home, first thing i did was e-mail walmart, because there was no one around for me to rant at. at least walmarts that have 'proper' fish sections, have people there for when someone wants to buy fish. but, my walmart got rid of it's entire fish section about 10 years ago, so NO ONE patrols the pet department, unless it's for stocking.
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Old 06-17-2011, 06:42 PM   #12 
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I agree with here fishy fishy. It breaks my heart too but all you are doing is condoning the behavior. The last CT I got at Walmart turned out to have SBD and parasites. None of my other bettas I purchased from Walmart had these problems thats why I thought it was okay....but it is just asking for trouble. I gave myself unnessary heartache. I perfere now to get bettas or any fish from a stores that care for their "stock" the petstore in my town must be even worse than the Walmart cause I got tetras and within a week they all died. Walmart treats their live fish as merchandise not a living soul....I watched them one night while they were stocking the pet aisle
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Originally Posted by Here Fishy Fishy Fishy View Post
ooops, stupid touchy laptop...

Do not shop at Walmart (or any store) that does not take their pet department seriously.

Not even to rescue? Especially not to rescue! Every fish taken out of that store is automatically replaced by computerized inventory. Buying rescues just keeps the cycle of misery intact.

Report your dissatisfaction to the store manager and corporate. And then, vote with your feet... and buy your fish from responsible shops.
Oh my gosh thank you! I know it's sad to see those fish, but if you buy their fish they only get replaced! If you buy anything from Walmart, those proceeds go to the same fat cats and the employees who don't care about what happens. When people complain about things and continue the cycle its just like "HELLO?!"

There is no local fish store where I live, only a two petcos and a petsmart. Fortunately the petsmart and the petcos take great care of all their fish, even the bettas. It's so sad to see hurting animals and resist the urge to continue the cycle, I understand.
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I agree. That's part of the reason I was glad I didn't have money or space at the time, or else I would have bought them :/ I hope they survived though lol.
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i bought King Steve, my niece's CT, i'll admit that. but, he wasn't a rescue. more of, i wanted to get her a new betta(her first one, Travis, died. he got Dropsy soon after she got him, and she's been wanting another ever since). he was their last living betta, and he was shockingly healthy and active. clean water, active, bright colors(as bright as a blue can get. :d), no signs of illness of any kind(other than a touch of fin rot. :d)... he's still doing GREAT, and has colored up nicely. beautiful silky blue, with the greatest tail i've EVER seen on a CT. i honestly didn't know they could grow their rays back after fin rot got to them, but he proved me wrong. even has these two rays that don't follow the crowd. <3
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