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Adding a male betta to a female betta's tank

Just recently purchased a male betta and have him in small tank next to my female betta fish tank. Would like to put them together in the female's tank but have no idea what to expect if they spawn. From the eggs up to developed fish.
Also, I've noticed that the male isn't eating well. I've taken into consideration the anxiety of new surroundings and placed a cave and some artificial plants for hiding space. He seems to be pretty active and is quite friendly but he will put a pellet in his mouth and then spit it out. This has been happening since I brought him home a week ago today.
Would sure appreciate any suggestions to both of my problems.
Thanks in advance!
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Bettas are anabatids and also bubble nest builders. I don't know if I would put the male into the femals tank right away. I use convalescent/refugium boxes in the tank to keep the male so that they may see one another and still interact without the possibility of the male damaging, or killing, the femal if she is unreceptive to his sexual advances. When the famale becomes ovid, full of eggs, I release my male into the tank. The courtship ritual is really one of the neater things to watch. The male builds a bubble nest.(surface agitation in the tank should be nil to minimal) The pair then go into their courtship dance where they intertwine themselves. The female lays the eggs, the male then fertilizes them, picks them up and places them into the buble nest. The male then guards the eggs until the hatch. The female should be removed while the eggs are incubating, the male is and excellent protector and may do harm to her.
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Re: adding male betta to female's tank

Thank you very much for the informative reply! It's a great help!
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