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Old 06-20-2011, 12:30 AM   #1 
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Hello! New to betta and have lots of questions!

Hello everyone!

So I am new to this forum and new to betta fish.
The other day two of my friends son turned six. They wanted a fish tank for him, so of course I offered and spent over $100 on the thing. Today we went and bought four new fish for him and his siblings. Well we we to petco and I kept seeing all the Bettas which made me decide I wanted one. So I bought a gallon tank (was going to buy the two gallon but all the people at petco insisted they would be happy in one), some pebbles, a little castle and a fake plant.
Well I decided to do some research on them, which brought me here.

Apparently they need at least two gallons, a heater and a small filter? So I was wondering what I should do? I dont have the receipt to the tank but I am hoping they'll let me take it back and use it for credit on say a 5 gallon tank.
And I also need a lid for the tank?
Also I have raised animals in the past and always tell people not to buy from pet stores because the animals usually come from over produced places and are unhealthy. Would you say this is true for bettas?
But do any of you have a website or info to a US breeder? I found some great ones over seas searching online. But the shipping is almost twice as much as the fish its self, and I cant travel to Denver to pick up the shipped fish (I am in Colorado and Denver is 200 miles from me one way).
So any suggestions and advice to what I should do before I bring a betta home and where to find a good breeder would be great.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you al! :)

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Old 06-20-2011, 01:04 AM   #2 
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So basically I am going to try to take my little bowl tank back and get a five gallon tank. When I do that if I get one with a lid, lights and a heater that has plenty of plants and things to hide in would that be ok for my betta?
I just dont want an extremely complicated tank but I want the Betta to be happy & healthy.
Would a 2 gallon swap be terrible? And are all bettas at most petcos going to be unhealthy?

Thanks! Any advice is appreciated!
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Old 06-20-2011, 01:26 AM   #3 
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First order of advice..NEVER trust the employees at Petco. Just because they work in a pet store, doesn't mean they know anything about pets. At least that has been my experience.

You can keep a betta in a 1 gallon, however many people will go ballistic if you mention it. It's more work then a bigger tank because you will need to do more water changes to keep the ammonia levels down. Most people will tell you they need at least 2.5 gallons.

I think it's easier to get one of those sets that comes with a lid, light and filter but they tend to be $$$, at least here they are.

When I do that if I get one with a lid, lights and a heater that has plenty of plants and things to hide in would that be ok for my betta?
Yup, that would make a happy betta :)
They are tropical so they need a heater and some hiding places like silk plants and a castle or a cave is good. I have one betta that has spongebob's pinapple house and I have never seen him go in it and another that loves his little castle tower. And a theromoter to check the water temp in case the heater spazes out. FYI - Tetra 50 watt heaters don't work for crap. It barely keeps a 3 gallon above 73

Also I would get some water conditioner, to make tap water healthy for the fishie. I have used betta bowl plus and stress coat before with good results. There are plenty others but those are the ones I used.

And are all bettas at most petcos going to be unhealthy?
It depends on the store, but lately my petco has gone downhaill in betta care. My experience with both walmart and petco is that unless the fish has just arrived, they are not going to be in perfect health. However, that doesn't mean the fish is going to die in a week. Look for a fish that swims around if you poke the cup and isn't gasping for air or having rapid gill movements. If it's been in the store awhile, chances are it has a higher then normal ammonia reading and some fresh water will do it a world of good. They may have holes in their fins caused by either ammonia burns or fin rot. The fins will grow back with proper treatment (warm water, frequent water changes and aquarium salt).

If you are using a filter, it has to cycle. I dont use filters, but I think there is a sticky with how to cycle a tank.

Oh and be sure to acclimate the betta to the water temp in the tank everytime you do a water change or it may go into shock and die.

LIDS - I highly recommend lids. They can jump out of the tank, bowl, ect of there is no lid. I had one do that a few weeks ago :(

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Old 06-20-2011, 01:38 AM   #4 
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Thanks for the advice Tikkibirds!
I am going to have to take a look around tomorow, hopefully they'll let me swap the tank out for another one.
I do have a little castle and a fake plant, i'd get more plants if I got a bigger tank.
yeah the set of the ten gallon tank I got my friends son was $50. It was all the decorations and stuff that got it up even more. I am going to look at the 5 gallon tanks, the lids & heaters tomorrow. Probably not a filter though. If I had a five gallon tank, would cleaning it out once a week be enough?
And is just betta flakes enough for food?
Would bottled water thsts room tempature be ok? Or should I still get the water conditioner?
But I'll check out the fish before I get one for sure :)
Make sure they're not lethargic.
Yep, I agree. I just wish stores would be more educated and actually train their employees.
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I suggest betta pellets as a staple diet, the flakes are hard to feed them a consistent amt. If you want to treat your betta.. give them a blood worm (frozen or live, preferably not freeze-dried since their prone to causing Betta's bloat). Use a water conditioner over bottled water. I have a 1gal bowl for my baby girl and I change it 1day 50%, and 1day 100% weekly. I don't know if its the same for a 5gal, but I'd definitely do a 100% weekly. Having a filter saves you a lot of time. In my 7 and 10gal I change out 20% weekly takes like 15min tops to do.
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Old 06-20-2011, 04:36 PM   #6 
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Welcome to the forum.....

The 1gal unfiltered will be fine provided that you make the needed water changes...1-50% and 1-100% to maintain water quality....

If you get the 5gal without a filter and this is fine....Bettas don't need a filter but with a filter you can also establish the nitrogen cycle and this can make it easier for you and for the Betta when life it unfiltered with a single Betta...twice weekly 50%...1-50% water only and 1-50% to include substrate cleaning and then 100% at least monthly unless you add live plants......the right number and species of live plants can function as the filtration....but you may also have to upgrade the light bulb..depending on what the tank comes with.....

Diet....a good varied diet fed in small frequent meals is best....

Look forward to seeing pic and hearing more about your new wet-pet.....
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