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Questions about cycling.

I've read the topic, yes. I've also successfully cycled tanks before, too.

I'm likely going to invest in a 16 gallon bowfront tank very soon, as that's about as big as I can get and still travel a few times a year between dorm/home.

I think I'll likely do a fish-in cycle, as I will be transferring some older gravel from an established tank, as well as using many live plants. What I'm wondering is which fish would be better for the fish-in cycle.

This will be a community tank of corydoras and leopard danios, and possibly one male betta. Should I use my betta for the fish-in cycle, or should I start purchasing several of the danios for the cycle instead? My research has told me that both fish are hardy for fish-in cycles, particularly the danios. If I go the danio route, though (never having had them before, but since they're such beginner fish I figured I would manage), how many should I initially start with for the fish-in cycle?

I suppose it's possible this might turn into a sorority instead, but I've fallen in love with corydoras, particularly the juuli, and the leopard danios are also lovely. It's true what they say about Betta's being the "gateway fish," because I'm well and truly hooked on them. I cannot wait until I get a permanent residence of some kind, so that I can get a much larger tank :P
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You can safely cycle the tank with the fish provided that you are willing and able to make the needed water changes....and since you plan on live plants...this will make it even easier, safer...
Do you have a water test kit, if so, this make it easier, but if not, you can still do it.....

Make sure you set it up with the right kind of substrate for the corydoras...but I am sure you have already done the research since it is a species you like....anyway....

Since you plan on the Danios too.....I would set up the tank, get it planted and add your proper school of danio to cycle and with the added beneficial bacteria from an established tank to seed and jump start...shouldn't take long to establish the cycle.....once a week make- 1-50% water change with vacuum in all places that can be reached without moving anything or disruption of the plant roots and make a second weekly 50% water only based on water prams of ammonia, nitrite 0.25ppm or greater....without water test-make the second 50% to be safe......once you have nitrate 5-10ppm and 0ppm ammonia, nitrite without spikes for several days....start adding the corydoras and Betta...monitor the water prams and make the second weekly water change based on test results...the 50% with vacuum weekly is for the life of the aquarium....also make a 50% water only change with any behavior change in the fish...

Filter media-best to not touch this until the nitrogen cycle has established...once established...give the filter media a rinse/swish in old tank water with a water change a couple of times a month......

Remember...with active growing live plants-this can sometimes skew test results due to them using ammonia for food before conversion and you may or may not see nitrate reading for a long time if depends on number and species of plants, growth state and stocking.....

And yes....Bettas can be a gateway of bigger tanks and more

Look forward to pics......
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