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Old 06-21-2011, 09:47 PM   #1 
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Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Blame the Forum! (Shopping trip aftermath)

I think forums totally make my betta addiction worse. I only had one fish and was happy with the 2.5 tank for him. I reigned in my need for more bettas at work to when I get the betta shipments. Then I see everyone's pretty big tanks and lots of fish and decide "hey...I like that!" So wanting a bigger tanked turned into getting a second fish, digging up my other 2.5 gallon, and then my giant shopping trip.

So after a giant shopping trip with which I spent a good chunk of leftover christmas money, I gave in and bought that Marineland Hexagon tank. XD I think I'm more excited having a light for once more than anything. And it fits perfectly too on my nightstand! Poor Pallas and Atlas had their tanks moved but are now actually sitting on my desk so they can flare all they wish at me. Also bought a nice heater which I've been adjusting all day. I know that 78-82 is recommended but would 85 hurt them?

And the worst part of this trip..I GOT ANOTHER BETTA. Curse you Petco! I work at Petsmart and the only betta variety we have are veiltails and crowntails. Pallas and Atlas are both pretty little VTs and I decided to just see while I was in Petco if they carried more variety. ....They did...and I came home with a halfmoon plakat. I'm not good with determining betta colors but I think he's a silver/red dragon. I loved all the dragon bettas I've seen on here so when I saw him in that cup, I had to take him home. I got Pallas about a month ago, Atlas three days ago, and now this! I don't want to see how many I'll have by the end of this month. I need to find a name for him!

So yes, my original plan was to split the new tank for just Pallas and Atlas so I could get down to one tank to clean. My betta addiction got the best of me so I guess the older boys will get the new tank and Mr. New Fish can have Pallas' old 2.5.

D: I also didn't get a chance to snag plants and new decorations for the new tank. More shopping trips tomorrow. I'm going to be president of Bettas Anonymous soon...
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Old 06-21-2011, 11:36 PM   #2 
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Location: Macomb, MI
Lol, I agree with you! I was happy with Sozin, my half moon. Then I saw pictures of everybody's divided tanks and thought that I should do that. 60 bucks later, here I am! lol. I had to buy a heater and new decorations...not to mention the fish xD Oh, and the divider supplies lol.

It's an addiction, and an expensive hobby but I truly believe it's worth it. In my opinion, we love doing this because of our need to nurture things :D

I'm only seventeen and any money I make goes to my dog and my fish xD
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Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
I need to stay away from half moons. I've only seen them online so when I saw the shelf full of them today, I got all giddy and actually thought about getting a 10 gallon so I could take even more home. :D I'm off to hunt for divider supplies tomorrow. Poor little Atlas has to wait until tomorrow to get his big move. Pallas is enjoying the entire 5 gallon to himself right now.

Yeah, even more expensive than my rats. I spent easily $230 on their cage alone. Sadly they have to get re-home at the end of the summer because my apartment for college won't allow anything other than small fish tanks. So I guess I'm slowly replacing my little furballs with tons of bettas lol. I tell my parents that the only kids I'll have are pets at this point.

I'm supposed to be saving up money for a school laptop and other college stuff. >.> It's okay to whittle some of my paychecks away for the fishies too. I don't need to eat while I'm at school.
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