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Exclamation Betta Diseases and Symptoms

We all know bettas get sick like we do. Here is a list of Betta Diseases and their symptoms and treatments. For most disease, adding a little aq. or Epson salt and clean water can be the solution.


Symptoms - abnormal sized eye with a white lens.
Treatment - Erythromycin for ten days.

Symptoms - bloating, big eyes, and greyish coloring. In more severe cases, pineconing
Treatment - Very fatal if not treated. Usually a symptom, so it depends.

Symptoms - white fuzzy spots in gills and other places
Treatment - Add Aq. salt and medicine, clean tank and stop carbon filters

Symptoms - Velvet like patches, weight loss
Treatment - BettaZing(also good for clamped fins) or BettaMax

Fin rot
Symptoms - black or red edges on fins
Treatment clean water!

Symptoms - white spots on body
Treatment - aq. salt and clena water unless severe.

Swim Bladder Disease
Symptoms - crooked swimming, sideways
Treatment -

Symptoms - refusal to eat, red streaks on body, very FATAL
Treatment - Treat right away! check water parameters (pH should be 6.5 - 7.2 and ammonia should be 0) fix them and give the fishy medicated food. It may be too late :(

Symptoms - Duller in color, clamped or ragged fins, pop eye, can get to humans!
Treatment - None. Once a fish has it, remove it from the tank and in a small cup. :(

Hopefully this helps betta owners! Be free to add more diseases to the list. Always keep a bag of Aq. Salt and watch you fish! :D
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