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Are antibiotics harmful when not needed?

I just bought some MelaFix for my betta, Poseidon, because I thought he had started to suffer from fin rot.

I posted some pictures in a different thread, and I've been told that judging by the pictures, he is fine. Being able to see him in person, however, I can tell that some of the tips (I've been told he's at least part Lyre) actually have gotten thinner, and his fins seem more flimsy in general.

My question is: would it be harmful to put the MelaFix in his tank just in case? as a precaution? If it isnt, should I use half or the whole dosage?

I already put one dose in there before I was told it didn't look like fin rot. My dad has been watching him for the past few days, so I don't know if there was any white fluffy stuff on his fins then. Would they be there longer before the fins started to rot? He didn't say there was any, so I don't think there was. STILL, his fins don't seem as full/healthy. Should I do a 100% wc? His last change was sunday, and he is in a 2.5g + 1 dose of MelaFix
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To answer your first question, yes and no. Meds are safe as long as you know what you are doing and what you are using. Some meds are safe to use, others are much harsher. You should not use them without reason.

In this case, you don't need medications. Your fish will improve just fine with extra water changes. If you are concerned, increase water changes for a few weeks until he looks better. If his condition degrades then use Aquarium Salt. Unless you are facing a really stubborn case of fin rot, meds are not necessary.

Additionaly, if you're going to use a med, MelaFix is not the best. In my honest opinion, it is a waste of money. It is "all natural" and doesn't do much at all. If you are going to pay money to use "all natural" just use salt. It's less stressful for the fish and it actually does something!
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