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Unhappy Betta in bad condition. Please help.

My friends brother got two bettas about a year ago. He never changes the water so it smells gross and mounds of food floats everywhere. The water is cloudy and it's a 2.5 gallon. He has a small but cheap little filter that doesn't really do it's job. He already killed the red betta but the blue one is still alive. Back when the red one was still alive, he got under the divider and tore the blue one's fins up. Plus, his fins are mostly gone from fin rot and he's lethargic. On top of it all, one of his pectoral fins is almost completely gone. It just breaks my heart everytime I go to that house and see that pitiful betta. I'm planning to write the brother up a little paper of how to treat the betta for the fin rot and help his fins grow back, how often to do water changes, and how much to change out. If there's any other info you think I should add just tell me. I don't want to get any info wrong so I thought I'd ask you guys.
Thank you!
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Sorry this is late. You could put in something about proper feeding, also.
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Finrot at it's early stages is easy to treat, but once it spreads throughout the body it becomes deadly. My first betta died of a severe case of finrot :'(
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Arashi Takamine
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I'd ask him if he wouldn't mind giving him to you. If he hasn't changed the water EVER and it was a 2.5 it's an ammonia fest in there. The poor guy is probably suffering from ammonia poisoning too.
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Sadly, I agree with Arashi. I don't think a paper with instructions will help this guy take better care of his pets. If he had truly been responsible, he would have noticed right away that something was wrong with his bettas and taken appropriate action himself. Unless this boy is very young, in which case it was irresponsible of the parents to think he could take care of these pets all by himself. You can try it but I have a feeling the blue betta will soon be joining his red tankmate. The ammonia poisoning sounds very severe and if he has fin rot that is not treated, he will develop a severe infection in his body as well. If you want to save the betta, you will have to ask if you can have it/buy it or ask if you can treat it yourself. Beyond that, you can try the paper of instructions and hope some of it sinks in. Best of luck.
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