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I know I'm 3 pages late, and I didn't read anything lol, but as a wannabe engineer...

Most human HOUSES in earthquake prone areas are specially designed to withstand P and S waves from earthquakes. Therefore, technically anything inside your house should also be relatively safe.

I don't know about any of your houses, but I know most houses on the Ring of Fire have shear support, in which the house sways so it doesn't build up shear pressure from the movement of earthquakes. In fact, bolting stuff down makes it worse :P

Of course, on the other hand, too much sway could cause a dangerous harmonic motion that will just make it much much worse XD

In any case, accidents will and do happen. I googled around, a lot of people enjoy the use of these:
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Oh yeah, I learned about the harmonic motion from Mythbusters. They were trying to bring a bridge down, kind of like the Tacoma bridge.

I'm about 100 miles from SF but my house was built in the early '70s so I don't know about earthquake proof. The doors swayed a lot in the '89 quake.

I guess I don't want to sound callous or like I don't love my fish enough but in a catastrophic earthquake, the Big One that the news has been harping on lately, I think I'll be concerned my cats and my family first. My fish aren't going anywhere, I know that much, but my cats could take off and I'd never find them and of course, my family could get hurt.
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