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Old 05-04-2011, 12:53 AM   #41 
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Originally Posted by Lamiglass78 View Post
The first day i grabbed my betta with my left hand, put 1 droP of dawn dishwashing soap in my right hand and gently washed his tail & fins making sure not to get any soap on his body/head then rinsed him off with running water. I cleaned his tank with dawn and hot water.
o____o what is this i dont even
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U craddle the betta in your palm, tail & fins in between your pointer finger and thumb. I prefer using my hands rather than a net because i find that nets sometimes yanks scales out of them & damages their fins. I have several bettas,( halfmoon double tails)they actually are calmer in the palm of your hands. They wiggle frantically in a net. Try it if u dont believe me.during water changes i just pourthem straight into my palm.
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Lamiglass78 - O.O
...or you could try the safe, healthy method of treating fin rot, clean water! Soap shouldn't even be used for washing your hands before handling fish/tanks/their water, let alone applying it to a fish/cleaning a tank with it. For more severe cases add aquarium salt! I do however agree that nets are stressful... but I also think that a good old plastic or glass cup to scoop the bettas out of their tanks works even better.

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Arashi Takamine
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*facepalm* I know about the soap thing with the stuff and this...Fail....

I had originally washed my hands when letting Aki play with my finger with a tiny dab of soap and all three times he's bitten me....Wonder if it was that because after I stopped using the tiniest drop of soap I could get out of it he stopped biting it.
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To sum it up, NEVER use soap on your fish or on fish-related products (decorations, tank, etc).

You are lucky he wasn't poisoned, please don't do it again. Use the safe way like denaliwind said.
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We are brand new fish owners. Can our betta get burned by the heater if he swims too close to it?
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No. Some fish like to lay on their heaters.
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