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Talking I'm new to bettas

Mel is my first fish and I got him as a room mate for college. I named him after Melicertes who became the greek god Palaemon. I start my freshman year at Lock Haven in the fall. Right now I have a few questions to get me started. I've read up alot but need more specific information.

Firstly, right now I have a 2.5 gallon tank and I am controlling the temp with a desk lamp and thermometer. I was wondering what heater would be good for his tank. (Please keep in mind that I am a student and my parents are too thrilled with my new friend, so not alot of money can be spent. I am willing to do a little more work to save money rather than go with the luxury things.)

Secondly, I need advice on a good filter. The same things as above apply here. With the filter you suggest, how often should I change the water?

Thirdly, I live 3 hours from Lock Haven. When moving day comes what would be the best way to transport Mel? should I leave him in the tank with a little less water to prevent spilling or save the cup i bought him in? Should he come home on weekedns I can't get anyone to take care of him? What about holidays?

Finnally, are there any tips you have for me that aren't on every other basic betta care guide? Are there any products I should stay away from or anything? Any common mistake people make?

Thank you for all of your help.
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta made a good choice for a dorm mate......

In the 2.5gal tank unfiltered...water changes of twice weekly...1-50% and 1-100% to maintain water quality....

You don't have to have a filter for this species unless you just want one and with the added filter this would only change one of the needed water changes a week from 100% to 50%.....

Heater-you may or may not need one...the goal is to maintain a somewhat stable temp in the 76-80F range, however, its a good idea to have one on hand......

You do need a thermometer to check both the tank water temp and the temp of the water used for replacement when you make water changes...

The only chemical additive you need is a good dechlorinator that covers both chlorine and Prime by Seachem.....

Always use a dechlorinator with any new water added to the tank and when making partial water changes-dose the dechlorinator for the full volume of the tank not just the amount of the replacement water as a general rule....

When making water changes try and keep the water temp between new and old water within a couple of degrees by using a thermometer.....

When transporting-I would use the cup he came in...its a good idea to keep this cup and the lid since it also is great to use for a QT if you ever need to treat him

Be sure and do a slow acclimation when you change locations and source water....dump half the water in the small QT container and add small amount of the new tank water over 20-30 min...toss half the water and repeat to his tolerance until the holding container is 100% the new dechlorinated tank water in the new location.....this is how you want to acclimate to any new source water to prevent pH and temp related shock...its also a good idea to bring some water from home in a 1gal jug just in case....when you go back to school and on weekend when you go home.....he will be fine at school-be sure and make a water change the night before and when you get back if you will be gone longer than a week or so....they can go a long time without food...but poor water quality can become an issue.....and if you don't have a timer for his light-it is best to leave it off while you are adding live plants to his tank can make long weekends safer for him....

Look forward to some pic.....

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I like these heaters. like $16 after shipping, and they're adjustable which is always useful
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I believe keeping the cup he came in is advisable for transporting your fish. For a heater a 10W should be the right wattage. If you can get an adjustable heater it's better than one of those preset ones.
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thanks for the input! :)
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