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He seems to be acting normally and I did give him a quick epsom bath.
There are quite a few new items in his tank, But he responded by playing with the new moss ball and chillin in his rock cave. Background upset him for a couple hours, but he calmed down.

After a bit he did have quite a large BM for such a tiny fish and some of the bloating went down. He has been swimming all over the place and rolling on his moss ball.

He already has aquarium salt and the tank is heavily planted and cycled. I usually do 2-4 gallon water changes, but have cut back this month due to the cycling benefit.

Still waiting on a new bubble nest though :(
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Ok, that's good. As long as he doesn't have any other symptoms you're in good shape.

Epsom works best when put directly in the tank water (or in a QT). It isn't really meant to be a "bath". They can even live in it long term. But if he isn't bloated anymore then don't worry about it!

You also don't need to add Aquarium Salt to his tank long term. It is actually best not to because keeping it in there all the time will allow both him and potential illness causing bacteria/fungi to build up a resistance to it and as a result, it won't be as effective when you do need it. You shouldn't use salt for more than 10 consecutive days. Not a big problem but just something to think about!

Good luck with him :)
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Location: Oklahoma

The aquarium salt I only add to the water during a change, and always a little under the normal "dose". He is still recovering a bit from the pet store where I got him. His tail is missing a few crown spikes, I think he may have gotten snagged in the lid during a water change.

He seems to be doing much better. Just got an API test kit and all was 0 except for a high pH, whic I adjusted back down. Added a snail friend who is currently munching away on the algae disc I gave him (her, it?).

I was surprised to find the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate all at 0 or very close to it. I even reran all the tests to make sure.

His bloated belly has gone down quite a bit now, barely noticeable, and he is swimming around the top portal where I feed him everytime I get close, so hungry is good :)
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