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Bendy. :(

Poor Bendy.
I'm so stupid! He got bloated very badly, and I didn't even look up the cure. I waited for it to go away.
He was fine for about a week, then, I was showing my parents and AWESOME video I had made, and went to feed Bendy...
And he was laying at the bottom of his tank.
I tapped the plastic, I shook the tank, I stuck my finger and touched him, trying to make him wake up. He wouldn't. He couldn't. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I shook the tank, and water splashed out.
"See, mom, he's alive!" I said, trying to convince myself as he rolled a little.
"Sorry, hon, he-"
I started crying. I knew that Bendy was just a fish - but he was my fish. My crabby, mean, old fish. I had to accept that he was gone.
He was dark red, and he had apparently fought with another fish before I got him. I named him Bendy, because his fins were bent. And, he was sort of blind, because his eyes were pure black and sunken, and he always bumped into his tank walls. :(
I'm too old to cry over a fish, but...
*Sniff* Whenever I looked at him he would flare, and if I stuck a finger in his tank he would bite it. And he was kind of fat...
I miss him!
Although, I will NEVER make the same mistake again! The next morning, I did tons of research... none of my Bettas will die that way or die from illness again!
My friend's fish is bloated, and thanks to *sniff* Bendy, I looked up the cure and told her, and she gave it to her fish and hopefully Bubbles will get bigger. :D
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I'm so sorry about Bendy.
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Rest In Peace
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