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Old 07-13-2011, 01:30 PM   #11 
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Plano, TX
Yeah hia name is Japan :P creative, I know but Jappie is a his nickname. Cotton candy!? o-0 LOLz
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Location: Davison, Michigan, yo -_-'
So pretty! I bet your proud of this little fella!
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Location: USA
I can't wait to see pictures of him once he's settled in and looking healthy! I'm sure his tail will grow back just fine.
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Location: Virginia
@ Larsa:
Yeah, the light blue and the light pinkish-red, reminds me of cotten candy on your avatar's fishy. xD I'm weird with comparisons, I know. :P Jappie is a cute nickname though. :)


@ TheBlueBettaFish:
Thanks, and of course. ^^ I'm very proud of him, and I love him to bits. I like waking up to see him every morning on my desk. :P


@ Pataflafla:
Atleast Ratchet will eat it, and doesn't outright refuse it like the others. They knew what you were up to and wouldn't fall for it, eh? :P My sister's one fry still won't eat anything but live baby brine shrimp hehe. xD

It's really cute how they have such distinctive personalities, and likes/dislikes. My mom used to have koi fish, and they had personality, but not like this. :)


Yeah I hope it does, so far it seems to be growing back okay, just kind of slowly (haha). I noticed a bit of a difference today though! It seems not as jagged as when I had first got him, now it's starting to atleast fill in the spots, and will hopefully grow back to it's original length, whichever length that was anyway. :)

Every day when I put the mirror near his bowl for an hour, I take pictures. So it'll be fun to have a collage of his "fin-growth" process. ^^


I plan on traveling moreso in town on my birthday next month, so Imma probably take a stop off at the petstore there (Only "sort of" petstore close to my house is walmart) - cause I wanna get him some better stuff (Plants, cave, heater, ect). Good news is I found one of my big tanks :) 10 gallon!

Right now for lighting I have my lamp focused on his bowl, but it's not touching the glass.
When I move him to the 10gal, I plan on giving him a lighted lid. But I don't really know if there is a difference between the lights, besides color? I can just ask my sister later.. Hmm..

Which reminds me; I was going to ask, is there any heaters that wouldn't put a whole in the pocket, but would actually work?
I know my sister has tried a few from Wal-mart that weren't so expensive, but they would either break or not work properly. I'm just afraid cause right now he's okay without any heating system (It gets hot during the summer time :P), but during winter it gets really cold and I don't want him to get sick or die from not having a heater during the colder seasons. :(

Sorry I keep asking questions, by the way! ^^ I don't mean to be a bother, just curious and wanting to make sure I'm doing things right with Spazz. :)

Last edited by Kalamani; 07-13-2011 at 08:59 PM. Reason: Forgot to ask about lighting. ;P
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Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Lake Havasu, Arizona
I have one of the submersible heaters from Walmart for I think 5-10 gallons. It isn't adjustable, but it keeps the water from going below 76*F and stops once it reaches 80*. An aquarium hood with lights will also help warm the water up a bit too. Mine usually heat the tank an additional 4* when the water level is completely full and when left on all day. I've had no problems with the heater not working or working too much.

I've got the 5-10 gallon heater in a 10 gallon tank, both of which are from Walmart.
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