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Originally Posted by betta dude View Post
well i put a kori cat fish in with my betta and the get along good,to all the betta lovers out there kori cat fish can be put with any betta
Only one? You should get 2-3 more. How big is your tank?
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Originally Posted by youlovegnats View Post
N03113- Your shrimp miiiight get eaten. :/ I would have put more shrimp in there to behin with than just one. What size is your tank?

I have a 3 gallon... well, the shrimp did not survive the weekend. I don't think he was eaten... I think my tank was too warm for him. The water parameters were....

(Cycled Tank)
<.02ppm ammonia
0ppm nitrites
10ppm nitrates (measured this morning)
120ppm hardness
about 170 ppm alkalinity
and it goes between 78 to 80F - I'm assuming it was 78 cause the light was left off during the weekend.

Aquarium salt was added.

I didn't see evidence of Sammich eating the shrimp.. but he was pink when I discovered him dead. I am thinking maybe it was too warm... maybe the ph was too high... Maybe Sammich killed him but just didn't eat him..
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Something I failed to consider - I had placed a root tab in the tank for the plants a few weeks back.. may have been copper in the water that the shrimp was sensitive to. So, I'm thinking no shrimp at this point.
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