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If he was constipated, then the buildup of er, matter, could have pressed against his swimbladder a little. Now that he's relieved himself, there's no longer pressure on his swimbladder and he can control it better. Definitely continue trying to get him to go as frequently as possible, that will help prevent any more swimbladder problems.
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This just sounds like a case of swim bladder disease. Probably from overfeeding. He also could have tried to eat part of the plant... Since he is still having mobility issues you can add 2tsp/gal Epsom Salt. It works as a laxative and will help relieve constipation. It is cheap and sold at Walmart. Please fill out the sticky in the disease section so we can make sure there isn't another cause.

Live plants can definitely bring in pathogens, but that won't cause SBD. Most fish will be able to fight off pathogens without showing any symptoms.

Good luck and keep us posted :)
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I know for a fact now that he has swim bladder. Today is his third day after being bloated and constipated. Is there a cure? Yesterday he was able to dive down but today he can't again. He remains at the top and swims weird, sometimes even on his side, and his top fin is sticking up out of the water. I haven't fed him for two days and I put salt in the water two days ago.
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As I explained to you in the PM- the long term use of sodium chloride, poor water quality, poor stocking can all be part of what is causing the signs/symptoms you are seeing in your Betta and until these things are corrected he may or may not get better since damage may have already been done, hopefully it has not, that said, there is no magic cure all and for treatments to work- you have to remove the cause, they have to be done correctly and they take time to work.....

I would get him in QT and start Epsom salt 2tsp/gal, tannins along with 100% daily water changes for 10-14 days and hope long term damage has not may take 6-7 days in the Epsom salt to see any improvement....

Good luck......
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