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Location: Washington
lol i can have up to 12 girls in mine...MABEY 13 if i put more plants in and provide cover at the top.
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I have neon tetras, glo-light tetras, african dwarf frogs, khuli loaches, ghost shrimp, and a mystery snail... Not all in the same tank of course! But i very often switch my bettas from tank to tank to keep them interested, so they have all seen the various tank mates and dont mind them.

Also, ADFs are not as hard to care for as some people say... Mine are fat and happy, and all i do is drop pellets into the tank, or if it is blood worm day, then i drop blood worms. lol! Also, my male doesnt sing, even though i have a pair, but he is albino, so may be the acception to the case. XD

Or maybe i am just lucky, who knows. You can PM me if you want any more info on ADFs if you like.
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I have to say, the bigger the tank the easier it is to maintain. Personally, I would go with the 29g (I have one, LOVE) and heavily plant it. You could get away with a nice size sorority, a few cory's (that should be in groups of 3-4 or more) and a nice schooling fish. Tetras are good fish, they are fast enough to swim away from a Betta if there is any aggression.
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