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Did I do it right?

I decided to put together a 5 gal set up for my 8 year old daughter. Thanks to many of you folks, I've learned a great deal thus far. I ended up buying a glass tank, Hydor 50W heater, Tom Aquarium mini filter (I'm impressed with this unit so far), Seachem Prime, silk plants, master test kit and a few other odds and ends.

We followed the "set up" directions, and our little world came out quite nicely. A pair of stray nylons were generously donated, and a shrimp was added last evening. As of this morning, Ammonia levels were at .50ppm.

All was going quite well until I accidentally broke the thermometer in the tank. No mercury escaped; however, many of the little weights found their way deep into the gravel. I tried to hydro vacuum with little success. So, I decided to start over. I didn't want to take the chance that those little balls were made of lead.

I did keep the filter cartridge in a glass jar of old tank water for about 3hours or less. Everything else I re-cleaned (warm/hot water only).

Did I make the right choice concerning the filter cartridge? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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I think most likely, your tank was not cycled enough if that is why you kept the cartridge in water. Also if it were not in oxygenated water for hours, any good bacteria likely would have died off anyway.

If it is the weights/lead you are worried about, honestly I would replace the cartridge, I wouldn't want to take a chance.

Good for you for researching and finding out what is best for your little guy! They are so much fun and it is such a shame that they are mostly treated poorly. I love seeing stories like yours, where you actually are looking into things beforehand :) Thank you for that
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Thanks for your input, and I appreciate the compliment. The way I figure it, if you do things right the first time, you save yourself problems down the road.

Sounds like minus the filter media, I made a good decision.

As of this morning, we're back to .50ppm on the ammonia....the water is a bit cloudy this time around.

Thanks again!
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