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@1fish2fish I have thought about all those reasons. With the large number of fish, I have a local pet store that will purchase them for a dime a piece. I have friends and family that wish to have some also. I don't expect huge numbers but it is a possibility.

If they are injured or killed, i accept that as a possibility. It is difficult but as with all fish, they would die eventually. Why not try to get a piece of them to hold on to?
I would watch the fish throughout as much as the process as possible. I am going to school online and I would check on the fish multiple times per hour to check for any signs of injury. If i had a male die from unknown causes after the spawn, it would be difficult but it is what it is. I could have a fish die any day. But I really do thank you for your opinions because as you say it is something to be concerned about.
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Your HM would produce more HM's with NIB's girls. You'd get many multi combo's - not sure.

I'd be careful when spawning the King though. Try to get the female fully grown so their size difference isn't too far. Your King can really damage a regular female. Use a 10g with tons of plants jammed into the opposite side of the nest area. He is a PK and can navigate through most hideouts unless you really pack the plants together that even the female would have difficulty getting out after darting in..... better safe than sorry.

I wouldn't do the VT or CT, only because you might have difficulty rehoming them.
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Its a good point of view to always remember. So risky if everything isnt perfect or sometimes even if it is. Indjos advice about stuffing it with plants is a great one, i really believe that is why my female ended up in decent shape afterwards, she wasnt aggressive but the male surely was. Also i wanted to add that i did purposely limit my spawn so i wouldnt have 100's of little ones regardless. Luckily around here the only thing you can find is veiltails and not many even know other types exist. In my situation im now going to have less fish then i had homes for, so only the closest people to me will be getting one :P
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