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curled dorsal fin and "ruffle-edged" tail on a VT? (finrot/recovery question I think)

I'm leaving for vacation Sunday, no choice, and I'm not sure what to do with him. I'm scared to put him back in his old cycled tank ( 5 G, heater, filter, ) because it's had a lot of dead plant matter and I'm not sure if it's stable.
the QT is 2.5 standard rectangle glass, no heater, no filter, and not filled all the way---- no plants no gravel. we'll be gone seven days roughly. should I just leave him in the QT and tell the kid not to feed him every day? :/

I took him out of his main tank for fin rot; he had a few tears and some pinholes, I think it was some fast-dying plants that were the culprit. however his fin doesn't SEEM to have grown back yet. he was a smoothe-edged VT, now his fin has ruffles at the end like a halfmoon's, and his dorsal fin is a little tangled.... his fins have unclamped I think, and seem much more lustrous; he also flares and makes bubble nests and patrols much more now. but does anyone know what the deal is with the curled dorsal and the "ruffles"? :/ can they just grow back this way? or shouled it have returned to the old smooth appearance? I'm really not sure what the safest thing to do with him would be while I'm gone, and if he's finally better or not....

I change the water in the 2.5 almost full once daily right now ( and add in hot water, carefully, so it has room to cool down before the next change. usually when I do this he gets really happy, starts patrolling and flairs a lot. lately he hasn't responded as much, but I think that's because I've been having to do late night changes, which is usually when he sleeps, so he's kindof running down on energy. )

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