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you smell funny
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Originally Posted by LittleBettaFish View Post
Looking at those pictures, are you sure the danios aren't nipping his fins? They are notorious for it, and your betta would be an easy target.

Plecos produce a lot of waste for their size, which is why they often need a larger tank than most other fish.
they usually stay away from eachother. but is that waht it looks like on his pectoral fins too? i really love this fish, so if i have to i will move him into his own tank permanently. but i really like having him in with the others.

Originally Posted by CrowntailTwitchy57 View Post
aww poor guy to me it looks like ammonia burn but im just a beginner
the tank did get pretty green this last week. (which pisses me off because when it first showed signs i put in an anti algae and clear water treatment for it only to get worse) would that cause the fin deterioration? or are you seeing something else i havent yet?



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Well without seeing water parameters ie. ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, I can only guess at what's wrong.

When my males bite their own tails, the ends sometimes look bloodied, which is what it looks like has happened with your boy. The pectoral fin damage could also be bites from the danios.

Just because when you're around they don't appear to be harassing him, doesn't mean it isn't happening. My males have torn their tails to absolute shreds in the span of a few hours.

The only other explanation I have, is that your water quality isn't the greatest and you have a build-up of something like ammonia or nitrite that is affecting his fins.

However, considering he looks fairly healthy and you would be seeing other symptoms like flashing, clamped fins etc. in your other fish, I would be more inclined to think the danios were to blame.
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