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Old 08-14-2011, 06:25 PM   #1 
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: In a pineapple
Project: Seascape

Okay. So here is my current setup:

The tank on the left is Pierce & Flair's tank (green because of fungus meds) and the one on the right is Hippie & Caspian's tank (working on their heater and filter). These four guys share my round coffee table (ignore the mirror and stickers in the floor) and so far i've been keeping them from puffing up at each other with an sheet of paper from my drawing pad, kind of a last minute & temporary kind of thing.

but now I'm wanting to draw something on the same kind paper and paste it onto the back of their aquariums (kind of like the roll out poster backgrounds you can buy at petsmart etc)

so I thought I'd do one for each. What kind of scenes do you think would be a cool idea? I've been thinking one night scene and one day scene. Maybe one underwater scene and one cityscape. Or something.

Also, do you guys have any idea if I draw some sort of vibrant fish on there, if my guys will flare up at them/ try to attack? I feel like it would be unlikely BUT IDK I'M STILL A NEWBIE. I don't want to inadvertently stress them out, haha.

I was also thinking of doing another two to put on the sides facing the lamp so it's not so bright on their tanks. Y/N?

..while looking for pictures to draw i found this GORGEOUS LITTLE BETTA:

and i'm certain i'd name him a girl name if i had him regardless of fact

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Location: Florida
Thats a good idea however I wouldnt do a drawing that you would not mind getting ruined unless you plan on laminating it or putting it inside a large ziplock bag. I tried it, found a really cool picture I liked, and it got messed up because of the water (when I did water changes and somehow from the filter). As far as what scene the cityscape sounds like a cool idea. Other members have said pictures of fish have made their bettas flare so if you do that keep an eye on them. Post pics of the end results!!
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: In a pineapple
ooooh, that's a good idea! i totes didn't think of that. i usually get water all over the place whenever i do changes and i bet the pictures would get ruined in a heartbeat.

okay, i may switch it up then, do the city scape and then something else. (:

i will 8D
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