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Pet Store rant

So I called my LFS yesterday and today asking if they want to buy my bettas. The fish manager told me that they would probably be able to next week because he had just order their bettas (the bettas they get are really awful beat up veiltales and nothing else). I said okay and that I could bring in one of mine just to see if they were interested and he said okay and that he would be there all day. So I grab one of my babies and we trek across town (well, in a car). I get there, and I tell this lady, her name tag said "Judy, Livestock Manager" that I had spoke to the guy earlier about my bettas and she says "I'll go find him" She comes back to tell me that he was out until 4... dammit. So I told her that he said to bring a fish in to check it out and see how it looked and so she asked "Is this a female?" .... He's a Delta male, clearly she had no idea what she was talking about. He doesn't even resemble a female. So I explained how I had bred two marbles and that I have all different colors except solid red and she then says "Oh you really are into fish huh? Into the colors and everything!" In THE most CONDESCENDING way she could. Ugh I wanted to smack her. So I ended that conversation as she was basically trying to push me out the door and I told her that I needed plants and asked if they had gotten theres in yet and she said "nope, we don't get plants till tomorrow" I said "Really? Because YOU told me on Monday that you get plants Wednesday." I came all the way across town just buy two more Wisteria plants? GAHHH.
I felt like they should have paid me for the gas it took to get there just so they could waste my time. Gaaaaaahhhh...
Okay, on a happier note, I called another pet store that's about half an hours drive away and they sounded a lot more enthusiastic when they told me to call back on Monday when their manager was in, so that's good.
Just thought I'd share, haha.
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