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Originally Posted by betta lover1507 View Post
well my brother has a VT female and a CT male, the female first thing when he released her is attacking the poor male. right now he is healing he barely had fins almost looking like female. then he tried it again with another male they where literally attacking each other so he took her out now she is in the main display. i feel bad for my two females my little strawberry is recover after being with oceanist but there growing back =]
Sounds like she isn't in the mood for spawning...... OR; Is it possible that she is actually a he?

Females attacking males do happen. But they usually do a "hit/bite and run" technique - not head on fight. This is why I often stress flirt swimming instead of bars or nests as signs of readiness. Further I also stress the male MUST be very active. Both will reduce female attacks.

@Better betta: Yes they would have spawned if you left them together. But you did the right thing by separating them. Otherwise he could have ended up worst.

For future references; now that you know your female is very aggressive, next time (if you breed her again) make your male aggressive .... vicious. This is no guarantee that she won't tear his fins, but it won't be as bad as your current male.

If it's possible, don't breed her because I believe she will pass on her character to the fry (like tail biters or egg eaters). Hopefully you won't have the same problem when you breed your fry.
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Yeah, I just don't get how she was all flirting and than bam aggressive. Oh well... Seems as if my girl just changes her mind a lot, and very quickly xD Update on Charlie's tail: Its not so much splinter-y and stringy, because those fell off): But I can see how that would help it grow, saw the tiniest bit of clear growth, so I'm pretty happy(: Here's some of Lulu's nests, just for fun(: Also, Charlie made a bubblenest for his mommy:D
So first, Charlie's tail, then bubblenest.
Then Lulu's bubblenest(s).
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betta lover1507
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that female did had breeding stripes but she wouldn't run away she stood her ground, but am not using the female am gonna retry with strawberry =3
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Sounds like he's quickly recovering..... good job.

Like I said, don't rely on the bars alone. Flirt swimming is more reliable than bars or nests.

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